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Wedding is one of the most important occasions in the life of all the couples where they mark the beginning of their beautiful journey together for an eternity. Hence, people will be really attentive to make their wedding function so special and unique. In fact, the couple of honor or the host will try their best to make the ceremony a flawless affair, and will be particular about each and every wedding tradition.

Speaking of traditions, there are many beautiful and meaningful wedding customs that almost every couple follows, such as the wedding cake, bridal veil, wedding bouquet, wedding ring, etc. Below is a quick look at what the wedding veil means.

What it Symbolizes

Some people often question the need of following such wedding traditions, especially about the idea of the bride covering her face with a veil. Actually, there are many interesting and bizarre facts about the concept of a bridal veil, which seem to have originated in the ancient Roman period.

At that time, Roman brides used to wear a flame-colored wedding veil known as the flammeum from their head to toe. They believed that this would protect the bride from evil spirits. However, that is not it all. There are many other interesting concepts behind wearing the bridal veil.

  • In the ancient times, the groom was not allowed to see the face of the bride until their wedding. Hence, the bride used to cover her face with a fabric. Later, the groom will lift the veil off the bride’s face and will kiss her once they are pronounced as man and wife.
  • Another interesting theory about wearing the wedding veil is to stop the bride from running away. Note that it is quite natural for the bride to experience cold feet right before the wedding ceremony, and may even think about eloping. However, it will not be possible with a heavy head-to-toe wedding veil.
  • In some traditions, the bridal veil is regarded as the symbol of virginity, innocence, and submissiveness. During the wedding ceremony, the father of the bride will lift it up in order to represent the concept of handing over her daughter to another man.

Things to Consider while Wearing the Wedding Veil

Since the wedding veil comes with an unrealistic length, you must make sure that you will not trip down when walking down the aisle. Hence, it is recommended to do a rehearsal walk before your wedding ceremony. Additionally, make sure that veil is tightly clipped to your hair so that it does not fall off. Note that the falling of the wedding veil is considered unlucky. Yet nowadays, brides prefer something short and comfortable when it comes to their wedding veil so that it offers a fresh and casual appeal.

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