Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Wedding Day Tips
Wedding Day Tips

Your wedding day is, after all, your big day and it would not look good if your signature is missing in it. You have to be the designer of your precious moments, to make your wedding experience priceless. Several wedding planning tips help you add an essence of your persona into the wedding ceremony, and a few of them are given below.

Serving a Signature Cocktail at the Ceremony

Offering a welcome drink to your guests is a cordial way of welcome that many couples have been adopting. You can choose ways like setting up a themed bar, drink station and serve cocktails adding in your favorite ingredients and giving it a name that has a close connection with yourself, the wedding couple.

Go For Bringing Changes in Traditional Seating Arrangements

Making changes to seating arrangements is a good way of customizing your wedding, and you can approach it in different ways. You may choose a longer table, dropping the traditionally followed ‘small table’ idea to ensure the intimacy of a larger party. You can add a touch of your creativity by choosing names for tables according to specific themes and setting it according to that theme.

Make Your Entry and Exit Special by Moving With Your Beat

Wedding couples are escorted by one parent or both parents and, some couples choose to walk in together or walk-in from different directions. The wedding floor is all yours and you can choose your way of entry and exit, but make sure that the music playing in the background speaks volumes about yourself.

The song that you choose should remind you about yourself and your partner and forget not to add a special dance song while you exit.

Serve the Wedding Delicacies in Your Style

More couples now choose taste-while-you-go kind of meals over the traditional kind of sit-down dining. This way of serving is especially ideal for desserts and you do not have to break the festive mood by sitting for a complete plated dinner course.

Choose the Wedding Dress That Is Made Only For You

The dress that you choose to wear at your wedding should be a flawless reflection of your persona. Preferring comfort and individuality to glamour is one important tip among the wedding day tips. After all, you have to be yourself on your special day.

Marriages are made in heaven, they say, and you have to create a heavenly setting to serve as the backdrop while you take the wedding oath.

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