Things To Know About Edwardian Engagement Rings

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If you are in search of a delicate looking female engagement ring, an Edwardian ring can be the best option before you. The Edwardian rings reflect a nostalgic feel with its glittering patterns and ornamentation. The Edwardian Period is known for featuring light and simple jewelry. The Edwardian jewelry arose as a strong revolt against the heavy and dark jewelry of the Victorian era that preceded it.

If you are interested to buy an antique Edwardian engagement ring, you need to look for a shop which specializes in antique jewelry. They can give you all the necessary information about the ring very clearly and so you can be at peace during and after the purchase of the ring.

You should keep in mind that each of the Edwardian rings is unique. Besides, there might be a difference between the picture of the ring and the actual ring. This is because the pictures do not normally capture the features of the ring accurately. Hence, you must understand the return policy of the ring before you confirm your purchase. This will help you to return the ring if you are not satisfied with the ring after your purchase.

There are certain things you must know before you purchase the Edwardian rings.

  • The Edwardian rings are usually fragile. Since they are the antique pieces, they might have undergone wear and tear. They might have very thin prongs and the gemstone would have suffered chipping at the ends because of the long use by the previous owner.
  • There can be difficulty in resizing the ring. The resizing can be done only to a certain extent in which the integrity of the ring is compromised. In addition to that, the resizing can affect and remove the hand engraving that the ring has along with its metal.
  • The diamonds in the Edwardian rings may not be as brilliant and sparkling as the present day diamonds. The diamonds of the Edwardian times were not cut with much precision as of now and will hence appear a little dull when compared to the modern cuts.
  • Most of the Edwardian diamond rings will not have a grading report from GIA. They do not grade the mounted diamonds and the removal of the diamond from the ring setting for the grading process can cause damages to the diamond.

Although there are these issues for the Edwardian rings, they are much loved as an antique jewelry piece. You may also go for a reproduction ring, which will be a modern ring, made in the style of the Edwardian ring.

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