Some Amazing Backdrop Themes to Rock your Wedding Party

Wedding Party
Wedding Backdrop Ideas

A wedding day is a big day, and hence, it must be celebrated awesomely. From the dress to the décor, every detailing factors in to determine how your wedding party turns out to be. Of the many decorations, backdrops play an important role in enhancing the overall appearance of your party. Some people tend to include heavily decorated backdrops and obviously spending a lot for the same. However, ceremony backdrops do not have to be too complicated. You can just go for a simple and elegant, but eye-catching design. Given below are some simple backdrop ideas for impressing your guests and making your party a memorable one.

Flower Wall Backdrop

What can be more budget friendly, but at the same time a grand backdrop than a flower wall? To make this setting, string some crisp white Easter lilies in fishing lines and then hang it from dowel rods in staggered rows, making an arrangement that will bring in your mind the effect of living wedding bells. Consider opting for a verdant grape wine to add a stroke of wildness; that will renovate even the emptiest venue to a dreamy retreat.

Honeycomb Backdrop

Honeycomb decorations can create a photo booth backdrop and be an excellent graphic ceremony marker. Paper party goods would do to get a chic background look. For this, arrange the papers in a grid form. You can do it yourself by using a double-sided tape and sticking multi-toned honeycomb décor from the floor to the ceiling on a paper sheet attached to the wall. You can use different shades of the same color to add more depth to it. In addition, you can hang honeycomb globes from ceilings too.

Birch Backdrop

This backdrop idea will be suitable for a winter wedding party. Intimate and completely glowing fireplaces with candles and logs can act as an enchanted and beautiful scenery. You can set up large as well as small unscented white or colored candles in glass cylinders and place them on trimmed birch branches. Spread some white felt along the aisle and place the candles on thick birch slices in order to cover the ends of all rows.

Wonderland Backdrop

You can make your wedding venue like a dreamy spot with wonderland backdrop, and it is sure to add a little magic to your event. Arrange the area with fiberglass urns and mazelike boxwood hedges. Set your aisle by arranging durable water-resistant wallpaper panels. You can add some beautiful serial lights too in case it were an evening event. All this will create an illusionistic effect that your guests would definitely love.

Balloon Backdrop

Backdrop Idea
Wedding Party Themes

A colorful and elegant backdrop idea is to use some balloons for the decoration. This will be the simplest setting to do. Try to add as many colors of balloons as possible. Otherwise, you can go for beautiful themes like a rainbow backdrop, balloon arranged in a heart pattern, some colorful balloon arranged together with beautiful silk flowers, a bunch of large monotone balloons, painted or printed balloons, etc.

Spring Backdrop

You can get a luxurious ceremony background without going bankrupt, if spring wedding backdrop was your choice. Here, you can put a collection of various potted plants like ferns, carb apples, and other beautiful plants. Besides that, you can add miniature daisies, creeping figs, and towing apple branches, etc., to add an overgrown feel. After this, fill the small space with snowdrops, lilies, and different types of mosses that spill out of terra cotta pots.

Rose Well Backdrop

Rose is a symbol of love, but you need to realize that incorporating this flower as the backdrop for your wedding party could be quite an expensive thing. The best alternative to this is buying hybrid tea rose that is a hybrid between perpetual variety and tea. Secure these flowers with small T-pins that you can buy from any crafts store. Even to decorate these in an area of 8 x 8 foot surface, you may need only 70 to 80 roses, which makes it more affordable than real rose flowers.

Carnation Canopy Backdrop

Carnation decorations can be used to give a heavenly feel to your wedding venue. To create this theme, you will need at least 1000 carnations, a large needle, and a monofilament. Make use to make the carnations strands on or two days before the ceremony to avoid last minute hassle. On the ceremony day, you can hang these strands by draping over them a dowel and then suspending it from the ceiling.

Photo Booth Backdrop

You can consider adding sequins to your backdrop for a shimmery and glittery background. This idea will work well for a wedding party by adding a party vibe. Another idea for photo booth background is adding a patterned backdrop for a creative vibe; else go retro with a vintage collapsible backdrop.

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