Everything you Need to Know about the Tradition of Cutting the Wedding Cake

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Wedding superstitions and traditions have been around of us for a very long time, but most couples particularly millennials often prefer to ignore some traditions. Wedding will surely be one of the most important moments in your life and you will surely cherish the memories of your wedding for the rest of your lives. So, you can feel free to incorporate or even skip a few wedding traditions as you please.

However, couples who are planning to skip some important wedding traditions should consider seeking the advice of their wedding planners before doing so. In addition to that, you should discuss this will your parents and other close family members to ensure that they do not have any problem with you leaving out a few wedding traditions.

One of the best and most popular wedding traditions revolve around a multi-level culinary masterpiece, wedding cake. An expensive and delicious wedding cake can be often seen as the centerpiece of several wedding ceremonies. However, several couples are not aware that this wedding tradition has been around us since the medieval times.

It is believed that ancient Romans, Greeks, and several other people of the medieval era used to strictly follow this wedding tradition. However, instead of a large-sized delicious wedding cake, couples used a stack of buns during at that time. However, the symbolism of this wedding tradition is still the same despite all these years.

The charming wedding tradition of couples cutting the wedding cake together takes place along with the bouquet toss and first dance. In fact, the image of couples cutting their wedding cakes has been gracing every wedding album for several decades. However, several couples are not aware that the act of cutting the wedding cake was solely performed by the bride until a few decades ago. The bride did this act exclusively by herself as a symbol of losing her virginity to the love of her life.

Over the years, wedding cake cutting gradually became a sophisticated process, as the number of wedding guess reached hundred or more and because couples start to buy multi-tiered cakes. As a result, most brides require the assistance of grooms when it comes to wedding cake cutting. They just a cut a piece or two from the wedding cake and request their close friends or family members to take over these days.

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