Elegant Ways of Addressing Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations
Addressing Wedding Invitations

When you are addressing wedding invitations to a family, there are certain rules you may have to follow. Invitation to a family usually requires formal ways of addressing, yet it needs to be elegant at the same time. Given below is a quick guide mentioning how you can do the same.

Managing Double Envelopes

First, make your mind up whether you are planning to get double envelopes. For an informal affair, a single envelope would be enough. However, for a formal one, you may need double envelopes. In this case, make sure that the outer envelope is formal, while the inner one can be comparatively casual.

It would be good to write the complete name and address in the outer envelope while the inner one can have just the first or last names. Make sure you do not write abbreviations in the address; instead, write it fully to avoid any confusion. Similarly, you need to write the invitees’ complete names too.

Manner of Address

On the outer envelope, you can write Mr. and Mrs. to address a married couple, while on the inner envelope, you can shorten the names by avoiding Mr. and Mrs. If the couple have different last names, then first write the name of the person with whom you are the closest. Else, write the names in alphabetical order.

If you are going to a couple both of whom are doctors, make sure to use honorifics. You can mention “Doctors” followed by their names on the outer envelope, and just use the abbreviation Dr. and write their names in the inner envelope. To address wedding invitations for a widow, you can write her full name.

Inviting Children

While addressing, you do not need to write the names of the children on the outer envelope. Yet in the inner envelope, you can write the invited children’s name in the order of their age. If the children you would like to invite are above 18, you could consider sending them their own invitation cards.

If you are not inviting any children at all, such as when holding an adults-only party, make sure not to write the names of kids on the invitations. If you do mention the names of children, saying they are not invited to your wedding party might not sound that good. Still, you can mention the reason why you could not invite them so that parents would understand your concern.

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