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It will be an awesome experience to conduct your wedding ceremony at an outdoor location. Now more people are choosing to conduct their wedding outdoors than in an indoor venue. You can choose any location from a beach to the backyard of your house for conducting your wedding. The outdoor weddings give a special feel that an indoor wedding can never provide.

Another advantage of an outdoor wedding is that you can take advantage of the natural landscape for decorations. It will give you picturesque locations where you can get married on the lap of nature. For example, a beach wedding will give you a grand feeling where the lull of the waves and the beauty of the sparkling water along with the cool breeze will make your wedding an ecstatic experience for you and your guests.

However, when choosing an outdoor location you have to be careful to take measures to manage unexpected circumstances. For example, if you are hosting your wedding on a rustic open field and when it unexpectedly rains, what will you do? Therefore, when you plan an outdoor wedding, it is important to consider the weather and other environmental factors as well. Hence, in this article, we provide some brilliant outdoor wedding ideas that will be helpful for those who are planning to get married outdoors.

Beach wedding

This is the most popular and most sought out outdoor wedding location. Saying yes with your feet on the white sand along with the murmuring of the sea and cool breeze tickling your face will be a magical experience. The blue ocean will create a wonderful background for your wedding photo too. Planning a beach wedding is a great idea if you are looking for a location that gives a relaxed and casual feel. This is an ideal location for those who are carefree and want some fun on their wedding day.

Usually, most beach weddings are a flight or a drive away unless you are lucky enough to live near a picturesque coastline or waterfront. Now there are a large number of beachfront resorts all over the world which offers beach wedding packages. Such destination wedding packages will be the easiest to arrange as there will be volunteers and staff to take care of your every requirement and they will be prepared to meet all the unexpected circumstances. It will leave you free of the hassle to arrange everything by yourself.

Backyard wedding

If you have a beautiful backyard, then why bother about searching for another location for your wedding? This is one of the best locations where you can easily arrange your marriage ceremony. Backyard weddings will give you an intimate and personal feel. You can be more flexible with the arrangements and do whatever you like. It gives you the freedom to make up your own rules for your wedding day.

If you are someone who value their privacy, then look no more, just arrange your wedding in your backyard. However, a backyard wedding will not be a complete walk in the park. Even though you will be able to save money on the venue, there will a lot of additional costs like table arrangements, decorations, etc, that you will have to buy or rent.

City Park or Garden

There will be public parks or gardens in large cities that will allow the couples to rent space for arranging wedding ceremonies. One of the main advantages of hosting your wedding in a public park is that the rental charge will be low. Many parks will have areas like a solarium, rose garden etc., where you can conduct your wedding reception. You can check your local municipal website to know which parks can be rented and what would be the rental fee.

One of the problems associated with hosting your wedding on a public garden is that there might be some restrictions, like alcohol restriction or smoking restriction etc. Therefore, enquire about what all things are allowed in the park and things are restricted before you rent it.

This type of location may not be suitable for those who value privacy, as a public park will be open to everyone and you may have unexpected guests stumbling to your wedding reception.

Winery and vineyard wedding

If there is a good winery or vineyard in your area, this is also a fantastic destination where you can host your wedding.  A vineyard can make your guests smitten with its greenery and stunning beauty. A vineyard will provide a romantic and serene atmosphere for your wedding. Many vineyards will be located at incredible locations surrounded by scenic valleys, woods and mountains which create a picturesque background for your wedding.

Summer is one of the most apt seasons to conduct a vineyard wedding as the grapevines that are in full blossom will add more beauty to your wedding. Another great time to host a vineyard wedding is the fall season.

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