5 Ways to Emulate the Royal Wedding

Wedding Ceremony
Royal Wedding Party

The whole idea of a wedding ceremony is to have a bunch of people enjoy two people being joined in matrimony. People showing up would normally except a love-spattered ambience, something lively to lighten the mood, a ton of gifts, and of course, cake. Following are some things you can include in your nuptials to emulate some of the awesomeness of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Ask for Useful Gifts

Every attendee wants to present the couple with something nice, but a lot of that and for the receiver, it gets old pretty quickly. Stay one jump ahead and ask everyone to bring something you would find useful on a honeymoon. Additionally, include a charity donation, which everyone can contribute to.

Set a Day Aside for Cake Tasting

The wedding cake is a big deal. Grab your friends and head over to pick out the different cakes you will be serving on the big day. Decide between the traditional taste and the classic fruit, or go with something special like Harry and Meghan’s lemon and elderflower flavor.

Use Home Grown Bouquets

Every wedding needs flowers. Grow your own bunch a season in advance, and consider having a flower handed out to each guest as he or she leaves. Alternatively, plant all of it in your own garden later as a reminder of the joyful emotions you felt on your special day.

Outfit Fittings

After deciding who is on the guest list, turn to making sure your extras’ outfits look great. The best man must be decked in a comfortable waistcoat, and the hem of the dress the maid of honor wears should not trip her up.

Get people together and see what they think about a clothes swap. Ask everyone if they can bring in something they no longer wear, and pay $2 for each item that looks like someone else would look good in it.


When bringing people together and keeping them that way for a several hours, serving up tasty food is the best way to make sure no one gets grumpy for a silly reason. Make arrangements for the guests to be directed towards where the food is kept. Get the groom’s and brides’ parties together at a big table and let everyone have fun getting to know each other.

If you have frisky kids that do not want to eat, give them your phones so that they can take pictures of the adults eating. You would need to sufficiently bribe them though, because to any kid, this is boring.

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