5 Makeup Blunders to Avoid on your Big Day

Wedding Makeup Tips
Wedding Makeup Tips

The wedding is one of the most important and auspicious occasions in the life of almost every person. Hence, there will be hardly anyone, who does not want her wedding day to be perfect. There are many factors, which you have to consider when it is about the biggest day in your life such as the wedding budget tips, outfit ideas, decoration, themes, etc. However, focusing on these factors alone is not enough to make your D-day an ever memorable affair. For this, you must give priority to your wedding makeup as well.

After all, which bride would love to look dull and ugly while walking down the aisle? In fact, a bride with a perfect smile and confidence can mask all other flaws. The best way for this is to nail your look with matching jewelry, outfit, and perfect makeup.

Some brides-to-be may start dieting or work on their hair and skin many months prior to their wedding. Even a small makeup slip-up can ruin all these hard work. Below are some of the makeup mistakes that every bride-to-be who dreams of a perfect wedding must avoid at any cost. This way, you can make sure that you look the best on your big day.

Trying New Makeup on your Wedding Day

There will be many wedding makeup tips and ideas that may suggest the brides go for a total makeover on their wedding day in order to draw the attention of your guests. Note that you must look picture perfect on your wedding day, and hence, experimenting new looks on your big day is a big no. In case anything went wrong while experimenting with your looks, it will be really hard for your makeup artist to revive it. In addition, any such mishaps will make you tensed and stressed on your happiest day. So, it is better to go with the look that suits you the best.

Skipping the Makeup Trial Sessions

Nowadays, bridal makeup packages include a trial makeup session. Some brides may ignore this option in order to save some bucks – this is one of the major mistakes, which you may commit. Actually, trail makeup sessions are the best options to consider if you do not want to regret about your wedding day looks in the future. You can try different makeup looks on your trail sessions and you may fix the one that looks the best on you.

You can also try different eyelashes and choose the one that looks best on you during your makeup trial rather than going with a dramatically thick lash directly on your wedding day. Moreover, you can make sure that the products that your makeup artist use is ideal for your skin tone and is non-allergic.

Ignoring the Lip Makeup

Most women will focus on their eye makeup; be it for their wedding or any other occasion since the eye can express your emotions in the best way possible. However, you must also consider your lip makeup along with this in order to achieve the perfect look. Most professionals recommend exfoliating your lips before applying lipstick or lip-gloss. Actually, exfoliating the lips with a good scrub on the night before your wedding will make your lips super-smooth. This will also ensure that your lipstick stays as long as possible.

Furthermore, it is better to consider matte lipsticks than the glossier ones. Note that the latter option is prone is smudging and there are chances for streaking if you are putting your hair loose.

Waxing a Day before your Wedding

Every bride loves to flaunt a glossy and perfect skin on her big day. Hence, some may book their waxing appointment one or two days prior to their wedding day. Yet this is another silly mistake that most brides make. Actually, waxing may sometimes result in rashes and skin breakage even if it did not had any side effects before. So, it is highly recommended to do your waxing at least a week before your wedding.

You can expand this window of time if you are about to try new waxing options such as laser hair removal, Brazilian wax, UV mask, etc., in order to avoid any mishaps.

Hiring your Expert Friend for your Wedding Makeup

Your friend will be really good at doing makeup, but it is always better to rely on a professional when it comes to your wedding. Note that makeup experts will instantly understand what makeup goes with your skin tone. Plus, they will be skilled to cover up the makeup mistakes if occurred. This will not be the case with your friend. In addition, it may hurt her feelings if you are not satisfied the makeup style she did.

Remember, it is your day and you must not compromise on any wedding aspects; let alone the case of your wedding makeup. If you want, you can take some wedding makeup tips from your friend so that she will feel like she is contributing to your wedding makeup look.

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