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Wedding Theme Ideas
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Weddings are always special and one of the biggest thing that would ever happen in your life. Planning is necessary to make your big day the most wonderful day of your life. Wedding theme ideas that feature an arch of flowers is one of the common ideas that could be seen nearly everywhere. There are tons of out of box wedding themes to get inspired from, for customizing and creating your own wedding theme ideas. Below are some ideas which could create an enduring impression of your big day.

Luxurious Reception Lounge

Creating a lounge area for your wedding reception is an awesome idea, and it lets your guests take the time to mingle with each other during breaks in activity. It would be wonderful if you filled the area with chairs and couches for them to relax on. You could also throw in some blankets if the wedding is being held in winter. This would be a really good idea for getting all the guests completely into the party, even during the time that they relax. You would be able to amaze them all if you enclose the whole area with curtains, creating a VIP feel.

Reception Escorts

Many weddings have ushers to guide guests to their seats at the wedding ceremony, but have you thought about having an escort system for the reception? Just think how wonderful it would be to have live escort cards that could guide the guests to their respective tables. This would actually bring about a high-class restaurant experience. You could converse this plan to your caterer or the reception venue, it is possible that they may be able to arrange a wait staff for this duty or get some ushers for this task.

Transportation for Guests

It would be a great thing if you could offer transportation options to your guests from the venue of the ceremony to that of the subsequent reception, such as through shuttle service. You would be able to make the journey more exciting by including cooler alternatives, like maybe a hot air balloon ride. If you prefer a nostalgic route, get yellow school buses, but make sure you also have permits for those. Each of these rides can turn out fun and enjoyable, especially if you play specially selected light music.

Pre-ceremony Cocktails

Per normal, your guests will not be expecting drinks before the reception. You would be able to give them a good surprise by setting up a table with light beverages on your way through the ceremony. Be careful not to serve anything that is too strong; just go light, serving fruit-infused iced teas or mimosas. Guests can sip these before getting down to their seats. Moreover, be careful not to include alcoholic versions of any drink unless everyone is on board with that. Get your ushers or caterers to clean the entire space of used glasses prior to the main event.

Outstanding Escort Cards

It is always a good idea to customize your escort cards into something with more material than just paper. Even eatables serve as a cute option here. Try and personalize the cake pops, with the names and seat numbers of respective guests written on them using icing. An even better idea is to engrave their names on the martini glasses, which along with guiding the guests, would also prove a good wedding favor.

Customized Welcome Bags

Welcoming guests with customized welcome bags would really be a warm and thoughtful way of planning your wedding event. You would be able to give a VIP feel to the guests by offering them a stunning welcome bag packed with snacks. Try including other items like mini bottles of bubbly, chocolates, a gift coupon to the local shop, or an individually personalized welcome note for each of the guests. You might want to hand out a vintage-inspired welcome bag each, which is okay considering you will not be getting the same kind of chances to actually splurge in the future. One wonderful way to make the welcome bag a central part of your wedding, is by adding a map of the wedding and reception sites to it.

Useful Favors

If you take some additional time to think it through, you would be able to keep your guests happy and comfortable all day long. All guests who come from out of town would find it useful if you gave them favors in the form of scented soaps. If you planning to organize an overnight dance party, it would be most convenient for them if you set aside a basket of flip-flops in different sizes. In case you are conducting an outdoor reception and it is cold out there, nothing makes you seem considerate the way providing blankets to your guests would. By the same token, if it is sunny outside, put up canopies and other sources of shade, and provide spray-on sunscreen.

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