Tips to Find Out the Kind of Diamond Ring She Desires to Have

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In your search for the ideal engagement ring for her, it will be good if you already know her taste in rings and jewelry. You should have a fair idea about the style, setting, etc. of the ring, which she desires to have. You must get to know these without letting her know that you are researching on the matter. If so, she will be very surprised to see her desired ring at the time of the engagement.

Here are certain tips, which may help you to find out the kind of ring that she likes to wear on the engagement day.

Notice Her Style Very Closely

You need to observe her wardrobe, jewelry collection, and others to understand her likes and dislikes in fashion. It will be good if you keep a record of your observations. It might take you a long time to make this observation and come up with a conclusion on her tastes.

You can look out if she is crazy about the antique and vintage collections. Get to know if she loves the current trends more than the other trends. Check if she wears the ring during gardening or sports activities. You can also know if she loves to have the family owned rings. Knowing these things will help you to decide which ring will be appropriate for her on her engagement day. Keep in mind that she should not know that you are searching for answers to these questions.

Use the Social Media

If you have access to her social media accounts, check the photos and ideas she had saved in them. Pinterest will be the place where she might have saved the pictures of rings, which she liked. If not directly, you can at least get some clues about her style and interests. It is usually Pinterest which helps in knowing her likes.

Seek the Help of the Women Closer to Her

You may ask her mother, cousin, sister or a friend to help you out in knowing her interests. She would probably have shared it with some of them. Otherwise, they can get it from her during some casual conversations.

Analyze Her Jewelry Collection

Choosing to see her collection of jewelry items can prove to be very helpful in the search for her desired ring. Besides, you might bring up a conversation with her about the engagement jewelry worn by a friend in their engagement recently.

If none of these ideas works for you, you may choose to ask her directly about the engagement ring she loves to have on her big day. She can guide you into buying the ideal engagement ring.

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