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Bringing kids to a wedding can be invite stress, especially if they are at an age where they are bound to get naughty at the wedding venue. Lots of marrying couples considerately foresee this and act in a way that many people can admire or at least relate to – they hold childless weddings. That said, it is okay to be against the idea; there is still room for making sure things go smoothly without someone’s offspring creating a ruckus on your big day. Below are a few wedding ideas for summer which you can use while conducting a kid-friendly wedding.

Make Mention in The Invitations

You should have one thing at the top of the list of wedding invitation ideas you decide to use: including the status of your wedding, as in specify whether kids are included or not. This should help invitees make arrangements as soon as they know about the event. In case kids can be included, add details about the minimum age limit and other specifications.

Practice for the Wedding

In case you have included kids in your wedding invitee list, make sure you get adequate amounts of practice in the activities set to involve them. For instance, you may have planned for little kids to act as ring bearers. Practice that many times to ensure there is no confusion during the actual ceremony. Do not forget to treat each kid well so that he or she takes seriously to the task assigned.

Allow Kids to Be in Their Own Space

Wedding preparations and the ceremonies could get a little boring for toddlers and even teens, so there is no sense in expecting them to sit completely still at the venue. Set aside a space devoted to them, where they can relax and have fun on their own while the adults go about different ceremonies uninterrupted. Some couples provide a room or a space just for kids, equipped with toys and other games for them to enjoy. Others hand out kits containing snacks as well as toys so that younger ones can stay engaged.

Add Kid’s Dishes to the Menu

Many common wedding dishes are not exactly kid-friendly, and this would make kids unhappy when they sit down to dine. Make sure you include a few items which are favorites among most kids, like hot dogs and mac and cheese. Soft drinks and juices are preferable options as well.

As lovely as kids can be, it becomes difficult managing them when you have important things to attend to. Parents may get stressed trying to rein them in at a serious and momentous event, so make sure you add the above features to make for a kid-friendly wedding.

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