The Pros and Cons of Destination Wedding

How To Plan A Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding Ideas

Destination weddings are those held in a location far away from the hometown of a bride and groom. They are popular among couples for several reasons. For one, they let couples exchange wedding vows at an idyllic or adventurous location, and at times, save cash in the process.

These weddings differ greatly in size. Some of them involve only an eloping couple, others comprise a few close family members and friends, while some are blowout affairs with several parties over a long weekend. If you are all for tying the knot on any vacation spot, and looking for tips on how to plan a destination wedding, then check out the following pros and cons of the same before you start.

Complete Wedding Package

Tour companies and resorts have seen the ubiquitous dollar sign behind this wedding trend, and make it a point to keep it stress-free as well as simpler for one and all. As part of the packaged deal, most of them offer their onsite wedding consultant’s complimentary services that will help coordinate all the ceremony essentials, such as marriage license, wedding cake, as well as officiant. This way, you do not have to think too much about how to plan a wedding.

An onsite wedding ceremony coordinator often serves as a concierge for your stay’s duration and can arrange activities for guests like sightseeing, water sports, or shopping. If your wedding resort has an onsite spa, you can arrange to provide your guests the service as ‘thank you’ gifts.

Avoids Stressful Familial Situations

With a rather small wedding invitation list, you can keep from feeling forced to call someone in your family whom you cannot stand the sight of or the in-law everyone quarrels with. You can simply invite your closest friends and family members to the intimate wedding ceremony. If you feel too obliged, you can have a small get together for the not-so-close relatives later when you get back home.

Smaller Guest List Also Means Less Expensive Wedding Reception

More often than not, if one has only a small number of family and friends, like say 50, your reception could be having around 200 people in your traditional wedding in your hometown. Spending on a lavish wedding weekend in one of the dramatic locations can cost less than a formal dinner in your hometown.

How To Plan A Wedding
Wedding Party Planning

Even though the wedding reception may be less pricey, the travel costs should be included in the wedding budget. The etiquette of destination wedding calls for the bride and groom to pay for hotel rooms, food, as well as the expenses of some guests – even though it differs significantly and changes over time. Some people only pay for the party, while some not at all.

The couple should negotiate for affordable accommodations for guests or a block of rooms if accommodations are not comprised. They are expected to pay for airfare too. If money is not an issue, then look at international vacation spots or nations with favorable exchange rates, while keeping your guest list small.

You Can Have Honeymoon at a Dream Location

When a couple ties the knot at their native, chances are that their first night together would be at their traditional home or not that far from their residence. With a destination wedding though, you get the chance of spending the night at an awesome location far away from your residence. Best of all, you will have an excuse to return to that location for milestone wedding anniversaries in the future.

The Cons of Destination Weddings

The wedding may be having more hurdles if you opt not to tie the knot at a resort specializing in offering destination wedding services. If you opt to arrange it, you will need to juggle all the minute details from a long distance. If the wedding is in another state or nation, you might run into tricky situations while trying to get the marriage license.

Of course, you can think about hiring an expert who specializes in coordinating destination weddings to help you get past these speed bumps. Yet no matter whether you hire a coordinator or not, you have to know how to get it in that location. Moreover, you should also know the local charges for photographers, florists, and venues.

Then again, some people may not be able to take part in the wedding owing to the cost involved, the complexity of getting some time off from work, or their age may make air travels tougher to manage. Elderly people have difficulty flying. So prior to putting down your wedding deposit, talk to people you think would be important to have at your marriage. If cost is making some of them hesitant to come, consider paying for their airfare or look into group discounts via a travel agent. On the plus side, the main people in your wedding also will have more time to spend with those who can attend it rather than a black-tie affair close to your house.

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