Rules to Follow While Planning your Wedding Bachelorette Party

Steps To Planning A Wedding
Bachelorette Party Ideas

It may seem simple and trivial to plan something like a bachelorette party prior to the wedding or after. Yet again, you need proper and well-communicated planning to pull off a great bachelorette party. It has to be started early, as well as researched and planned carefully, to make the event memorable and unique. There are quite many steps to planning a wedding bachelorette party, and some of those important ones are discussed below.

Planning in Advance

Both the bride and the groom would be stressed out as their wedding date nears. Hence, it is wiser to decide the bachelorette party at least 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding day, so that it can be really fun and you can enjoy the party without being too busy.

Prepare the Guest List

This is an important aspect of planning any party; you must have a perfect number of invitees to make the preparations accordingly. The bride-to-be must have a rough idea of who to invite and how they are invited, like, say through e-mails, phone calls, or messages.

Time for the Bridesmaids

The ultimate aim of planning a bachelorette party is to make the bride and her close ones happy. So, the bridesmaids need to plan it in such a way that the event would excite her, something that goes in sync with her personality and likes. Besides, the priority should be on the bride always, as she is the talk of the day.

Budget Matters

The whole party revolves around the budget planned for it that would decide what kind of party they are going to throw. Also, the bride must feel special in the party; this could be the duty of her bridesmaid. They must talk with other members in the group of how much they can afford to share and they are to negotiate for the same.

Surprising Gifts

Receiving a gift from anyone on any occasion is a blissful emotion. Similarly, a bride opening the gifts that her dear ones gifted her will look altogether cute and add more glitter to the party. Nonetheless, it is not a mandatory rule to present gifts on a bachelorette party.

Sharing Save-the-Date

The date of the party must be informed to all invitees well in advance, which can be done just by sending an e-mail. This has to be done at least 2 weeks before the event. However, it is not necessary to provide all the details then; just inform about the date so that they can plan their time accordingly.

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