Making Your Wedding Less Wasteful: How Do You Do It?

Green Weddings
Green Weddings

You cannot be selectively eco-friendly. Unless you maintain an eco-friendly attitude in every possible aspect of your life, the planet will not remain inhabitable for long. How does sustainability define weddings? After all, it’s a big day and many would like it with all its grandeur and celebration that sometimes make it difficult to stick to a strict eco-friendly goal.

However, there is no justification for compromises you make on sustainability and eco-friendliness even if it is your wedding day. Making weddings less wasteful is a significant step toward sustainability. How do you do it? We give you some tips in this article.

Have A Conversation With Your Wedding Planner About Sustainability

Right when you begin planning the wedding, you have to start hunting for ideas to make it less wasteful. Discuss with your wedding planner on ways to reduce the wastage at the wedding and go green in every possible way. Talking to your caterer and florist to know where they source the food and flowers respectively can be super helpful. Make sure that your vendors do not use single-use plastics in the event.

Find Eco-Friendly Vendors

Eco-friendliness is not limited merely to recycling. It is beyond that. To balance practicability and eco-friendliness, hire a wedding planner who is an expert in green weddings. If you haven’t hired a wedding planner, you can collaborate with vendors who are known for their eco-friendly approach.

There is no denying that recycling is crucial in sustainability, but the concept is deeper than that. Look for florists who employ sustainable practices like using locally-grown flowers, alternatives to a floral foam, using soy wax candles, composting, and donating post-event flowers.

It is high time that florists switch to foam-free alternatives because it is made from toxic chemicals like carbon black and formaldehyde. As the awareness about the dark side of floral foam has increased, more florists have decided to design installations that are free of any nasty stuff.

Eliminate Waste In Your Wedding Details

To reduce the amount of petroleum consumed in weddings, couples can choose consumable favors like chocolates or coffee, use compostable tableware and use alternatives to paraffin candles.

Going to creative green wedding ideas is the need of the hour. Wedding planners, vendors, florists, caterers, everyone involved in the wedding profession are beginning to adapt to sustainability requirements by making significant moves to reach the goal, zero-waste weddings.

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