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As seen in any other field, there are several misconceptions and stories regarding diamonds as well. Eventually, people started considering these fallacies as facts. Undoubtedly, a majority of these have led to several confusions in the field. Remember that these misconceptions are likely to affect the way you assess diamonds when you purchase them. Sometimes, you may end up making mistakes just because of these misconceptions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a better understanding of diamonds and to be free of these misconceptions. Below are some of the common myths that are found in the society regarding diamonds and this may affect your cheap wedding ideas.

Diamonds are Indestructible

It is a fact that diamonds are very hard. In fact, they are the hardest known natural substance in existence. Note that hardness is different from toughness. It may be true that diamonds last for centuries and still preserve its beauty. However, this does not mean that diamonds are indestructible. Rather, they are prone to chipping, breaking, and damages in the event of rough handling.

Diamonds are precious

Diamonds have been classified as precious for centuries. This involves an incorrect science. Besides, there are many other gemstones that come with a much higher value than diamonds. For instance, garnets are generally considered as semi-precious. However, certain types of garnets sell for over $10,000 per carat. This by far exceeds the cost of their diamond counterparts. Hence, the judgment of diamonds being precious is incorrect.

Diamonds are Formed from Pressurized Coal

This is a familiar myth that usually starts from the elementary school days. In fact, most people might have heard this at least once while in school. This misconception occurred since the diamond formation is still not clearly known. This is because of the difficulties involved in studying the diamond formation process. Note that the diamond formation takes place in the Earth’s mantle from another form of carbon and graphite. Then, these diamonds are pushed upwards by pipes formed out of rocks known as Kimberlite. On the other hand, coal is an impure blend of organic materials that forms at a shallow level in the Earth. Even though there are still arguments regarding diamond formation, the theory about coal is very unlikely to be true.

Diamonds Possess More Fire than Other Gemstones

The word fire is used to describe the phenomena observed when a gemstone refracts the light that falls on it into the constituent colors of the spectrum. Diamonds are definitely one of the most sparkly objects you will ever find. The sparkling              is one of their main attractions too. However, this does not mean that no other gemstones boast a higher degree of fire. For instance, Rutile is a gem which has a dispersion of 0.330. This is much higher than that of a diamond’s dispersion rate, which is 0.44.

Diamonds are Rare

Diamonds have many unique properties. However, rarity is not one of them. Overall, gemstones can be regarded as precious since they form only a small percentage of all the organic materials found on the planet. However, this does not necessarily make diamonds precious. In fact, out of all the gemstones, diamonds are one of the most commonly found. Consider the fact that most people own at least one diamond and you will understand their degree of rarity. However, this does not bring down its value.

Bigger the Diamonds, the Better its Quality

A diamond may be attractive if you have a personal taste in larger gemstones. Note that the value of diamonds in the market does not depend on the size of the stone. There are several important factors like the cut, clarity, and color that affect the quality of diamonds. Therefore, make sure you check all the attributes well before blindly going for a large diamond.

Higher the Number of Facets, the Better

This is also based on an assumption. Facets are meant to raise the refractive index of a gem, not its overall brilliance. The latter is determined by how skilled the cutter is. Without ensuring the quality of the cut, the number of facets does not affect the beauty of the diamond.

Diamonds are Considered the Ideal Choice for Engagement and Wedding Rings

Engagement and wedding rings have been around for thousands of years. However, the association of this jewelry with diamonds is comparatively a new one. This actually started from one of the marketing campaigns launched by a huge jewelry business entity. However, there is no need to follow the tradition if you do not feel any meaning in it. There are several other choices for rings including different gemstones. Use diamonds for your special occasions only if you like this jewelry as a whole.

Diamonds Sold Online is Fake

There may be many fake items sold in the internet. However, there is a genuine market for diamonds online nowadays. You can always find authentic online diamond dealers and make good purchases from them. Nevertheless, there are also some fraud online diamond dealers as well in the market. Hence, you must do a thorough background check before choosing a merchant and purchasing diamonds.

In short, diamonds are one of the important elements in the engagement and wedding rings. So, make sure you are clear of all the misconceptions before planning a wedding ceremony.

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