Lovely and Unique Wedding Traditions across the World

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You probably already know what wedding planning kits and checklists are; these are essential to any decent effort to pull off a memorable ceremony. Other than that, there are often also cultural/religious wedding traditions involved, without which no wedding is considered complete nowadays.

Most couples love adding elements of their ancestral traditions as a means of spicing up their big event; besides, incorporating one’s culture in this way shows their love for it, as well as for family. Below are some unique wedding traditions from around the world, which get included in modern-day weddings.

French Wedding Traditions

The wedding ceremony starts with the groom walking his mother down the aisle before stepping onto the altar. The bride on the wedding day washes off all attachments to her previous life by taking a long bath. The French also have a tradition where the groom picks up his bride from her home, for a walk to the chapel.

The modern veil that brides wear nowadays, and the layered wedding-cake, both trace their origins to France. There was a belief that if the bride and groom could kiss over the cake without knocking it down, they would have a successful married life.

Irish Wedding Traditions

Under Irish tradition, the groom would be invited to the bride’s home on the night before the wedding day, and a goose served in his honor. A sunny wedding day is assumed lucky by the Irish. The Claddagh is their traditional wedding ring, which represents love, loyalty, and friendship.

Irish brides of old used to braid their hair, which symbolized feminine power and luck. The bride would also carry a magic hanky that could be turned into a christening bonnet. The typical Irish wedding cake is a three-layered, whiskey-laced fruit cake with almond paste.

Italian Wedding Traditions

During the proposal, the groom presents the bride with a diamond ring, because the Italians believe that diamonds are made of flames of love. They considered Sunday weddings to be lucky. It is also believed that if the bride wore a green dress on the night before the wedding, it would bring prosperity to the couple.

The bride and groom receive various challenges involving a fallen broom, a crying baby, or other household chores for testing their skills before marriage. At the reception, all men are expected to kiss the bride good luck, and to make the groom jealous.

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