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The wedding is a very important day in our life. Therefore, if you care about nature and the planet, then it is a great opportunity to put your ideas into practice. On average, weddings cost a huge amount of money. Besides, they also have a huge impact on the environment, as their ecological footprint is quite high. The truth is that there are several ways to conduct your wedding with minimal impact on the environment. By using many of the eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas, you can reduce your carbon footprint and this also reduces the expenses of your wedding.

Remember the Size

At the end of the day, the impact of a wedding boils down to the numbers involved. This directly refers to the number of guests involved. However, there are several other statistics that may not be very apparent in the first analysis. For instance, each guest adds to the distance traveled and fuel burned. Further, as the numbers grow, the arrangements are made in proportion to it, to cope with it and to provide services.

Use Local Produce

The best way to ensure that you source local is to find drinks and food from your vicinity. There is always a brewery located nearby. You can choose them to deliver your drinks instead of having a truck travel miles for the same.

There are local food producers in almost every locality. Do the essential research and you will be able to get some good local producer. These will also reduce your transportation costs. Furthermore, there are local community gardens where flowers are grown. You can add some color to your wedding by adding these attractive flowers.

Make It Personal

There are several clichéd things that you can add to your wedding venue, but it is the unique properties that remain in the memories of your guests. Therefore, make sure you get creative and spend some time to add something personal to your wedding. For instance, you can add a scrapbook section and ask your guests to leave poems, drawings, or thoughts. You can also ask some of your friends to bring their favorite flowers and decorate the venue with different flowers.

Use Green Sources

Each action affects the environment in one way or the other. Thus, you can ask a lot of questions as you go through the planning stages of your wedding. When planning, you can ask your caterers to choose organic goods. Further, you can choose an eco-friendly wedding dress for the special day. Other party rentals could also be checked in a similar way to make sure that they stay environmentally friendly.

Pick the Right Venue

Choose a location which is close to as many guests as possible. This will reduce the impact caused by their transportation. Further, you can think of the venue that you have chosen. There are several outdoor spaces that are beautiful and fitting to hold your wedding. Choosing places like your community park, or a beach venue could reduce your rental charges by a long way. At the same time, they also have minimal impact on nature as there is no need for additional lighting or air conditioning. This is one of the best cheap wedding ideas that you may want to implement.

Green Your Transportation

After you have fixed your venue, you have to think about getting your guests there. Try to get the transportation facilities ready. Alternatively, make sure you provide them enough information about the public transportation facilities available on the route. Tell them you would appreciate if they used a carpool, public bus, or a train.

Choose your Gifts Carefully

Nowadays, with the increased awareness of eco-friendly lifestyle, you can ask your guests for green gifts in the registry. Make sure you include green gifts in your list such as the solar cooker. There are several other choices for green gifts such as organic linens. If you are against the idea of gifts, you could even think of an online donation portal for a worthy cause and make your guests contribute.


An invitation is a reminder of the wedding. Therefore, you can ensure that these are not causing any deviation from your ways. There are several options for sending the invitation using recycled materials. Furthermore, there are also invitation cards with seeds embedded. You just have to plant them in the garden and they sprout into a beautiful plant. There is also the option of electronic invites, which will save you the money of printing.

Communicate and Educate

If you have decided on your green wedding, make sure you communicate about it to your guests. You can use the occasion to educate them about the cause and your commitment to sustainability. People will definitely remember it and you will have left a positive impression on them too.

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