How To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable?

Wedding Planning Tips
Wedding Planning Tips

Today’s grooms and brides want more eco-friendly or sustainable weddings as compared to the past. They want greener weddings in place of something fresh. The epidemic has affected our purchasing capabilities. Therefore, a sustainable wedding can be easy on our pocket as well as kinder to the earth and those who inhabit it. Here are a few wedding planning tips to help make the event greener.

Give Others Your Wedding Flowers

Think about how to use the flowers after the event. Maybe it is a good idea to give the flowers to your wedding guests, or a nursing home or local hospital in which those can keep spreading joy. It is also not a bad idea to dry your flower crown or bouquet and store it somewhere as a piece of memorabilia of your event. Keep reading for more wedding day tips here.

Do Something About Food Waste

How many brides and grooms must have felt disappointed by the quantity of food wasted from their wedding? As per North London Waste Authority’s February 2021 survey, one in four married couples stated that they felt so. It is always best to avoid waste, and the best way to reduce the possibility of it is to talk to your wedding caterer regarding portion sizes. Your wedding venue or caterer could also have the leftover food donated to a shelter or food bank so that nothing goes wasted.

Arrange Organic Drinks

When it comes to wedding wine choice, consider transacting with a smaller and organic producer. You may discover a funkier line of wines created with passion that offers better value for money and is better for our planet.

Choose A Picturesque Location

Some wedding venues are so beautiful that they do not require a lot of decoration. That is true for outdoor venues landscaped with stunning greenery. Choosing that kind of venue means you can afford not to have some extra decoration elements. Remember, the fewer the things that go to waste are, the better it would be for the earth.

Choose Biodegradable Confetti And Wedding Favors

Are you a stickler for detail? If yes, you would like to consider biodegradable alternatives to smaller things such as wedding favors, plus confetti to throw at your send-off ceremony. Plastic glitter and confetti are not biodegradable, so consider choosing dry flower petals, birdseed, or rice instead. Likewise, contemplate buying an edible favor instead of a disposable one.

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