How Being a Perfectionist Can Ruin Your Wedding Planning Phase

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Congrats! Your better half has finally popped the question and you are the proud owner of a gleaming bauble now. Once you got engaged, the next important step that you may naturally think about will be your dream wedding. While most people, especially girls tend to dream about their wedding day and associated ceremonies from a very tender age, the budget or the stress about whether or not the wedding will occur as they planned will be a major reason for concern for some couples. In most cases, your friends and relatives may shower you with a ton of wedding planning tips and ideas as well that are likely to make you even more stressful and conscious.

The toxic wedding planning habit

In other words, even though wedding planning ought to be exciting and fun, all these factors are likely to drive you crazy. Sometimes, the stress may bring out the bridezilla or groomzilla in even the nicest of folk. Note that it will be extremely embarrassing if you are caught screaming at your vendors, bridesmaids, event managers, and loved ones during the wedding planning process making it nothing less than a nightmare. However, you are less likely to be aware of your behavior in your present state of mind.

Do you know that all these factors boil to some toxic wedding planning habits and if you figure this out, you can do things peacefully and stress-free? It is worth noting that being a perfectionist is one of the most common issues that couples are likely to experience when it comes to their wedding planning. Make sure to avoid this toxic habit so that you can enjoy your wedding planning phase to the fullest.

As mentioned earlier, most people would have been dreaming about their big day from a very small age. They will have everything sorted when it comes to the decors they want or how their wedding must be. Additionally, such people will be very careful about even the slightest details. However, you must always keep in mind that when you try to bring your vision to reality, there can be some limits or complications. Frankly, odds are that your wedding day is not going to be perfect as you imagined.

You are likely to encounter numerous issues such as your wedding outfit being over your budget limit, unavailability of the wedding flowers that you have dreamt of, your partner may have different wedding cake ideas that you can hardly approve of, unavailability of a particular venue, etc. Regardless of all such issues, your wedding will be an incredibly joyous and spellbinding affair, especially when you think about the special day after a couple of weeks or months. So, the better you let go of the perfect word and enjoy your day to the best. In fact, the faster you stop being a perfectionist, the happier you will be.

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