Eco Friendly Beach Wedding Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas
Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Beach wedding offers one of the best settings for your important occasion. The prospects of ocean views and endless winds are as beautiful as it gets. This is also a great opportunity to organize the event so that you leave no hard impacts on the surrounding environment. Below is a discussion of wedding decoration ideas for an eco-friendly beach wedding.


Locally produced food grown through organic practices is the best way to ensure a minimum carbon footprint in the wedding. This ensures that the food does not have to travel long distances and thereby burn fuel. Besides, this supports the local community and encourages others in the region to take up the same practice. It has the advantage that the food will be fresh and delicious. This will definitely please your guests while ensuring you leave a minimum impact.


Finding locally grown organic flowers could contribute to leaving no harmful impact on the environment. There are several farms around most cities where you can find such flowers. Best examples include Caspia, Callalilly, Lavender, Tuberose, and Sunflowers.

Plants for Décor

Plants are great elements for decoration in any setting. They bring the factor of life to the environment and contribute to cleaning up the surrounding by absorbing carbon dioxide. Besides, they are very affordable and could be compiled by yourself. You can get varieties of plants that are common in your area and replant them after the ceremony.

Go Digital and Save Trees

In this digital age, it is more convenient to use digital forms of invitations, notifications, and announcements regarding your ceremony. This prevents printing on paper made out of trees. Further, if you want to print a handful of paper copies, you could use post-consumer waste paper which is recycled.

A “Green” Wedding Dress

Eco-wedding dress is gaining popularity and there are materials like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, or recycled fabrics which are given new utility by making a new dress out of them. These are sustainable fabrics that leave minimum carbon footprint during production and after they are disposed of.

Organic Wine and Spirits

You can look for Certified Organic wines and spirits for the ceremony. These ensure that there are no pesticides used during the production of their raw materials. You can also look for locally produced spirits which will further reduce the environmental impact created by transportation.

Use the above wedding planning tips to make sure that you keep your beach wedding a happy yet harmless event for everyone including nature.

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