Choosing your Maid of Honor and Best Man

Wedding Planning Tips

Weddings are one of the most important and happiest moments in the life of almost every couple. At the same time, you may find the whole affair a bit stressful and daunting since you have to look after a ton of things. In this case, it is better to have a maid of honor or best man to have your back rather than seeking advice from others regarding the wedding planning tips and wedding theme ideas. Needless to mention, sharing responsibilities with your maid of honor or best man will let you enjoy your big day without any stress.

Furthermore, almost all your closed ones will be waiting for an invitation to fill in those VIP roles. This can make things a bit challenging since you will have to choose one person amidst your friends and relatives without hurting anyone’s feelings. Most couples claim that this task is way harder than rocket science. If you are wondering about the ways to choose your maid of honor or best man as kindly and tactfully as possible, refer to the tips given below.

Who is Closest to you?

Well, the answer is the man or woman who just popped into your mind as you read the question above. Obviously, every person will have that one person with whom they are closest to and can share even their wildest dreams and secrets. Note that this person is probably the most eligible candidate for the elite post. Things will be easier if all your friends and family already knew about your special bonding with this person. Still, discuss it in your inner circle before announcing the name.

Who is Up to the Task?

If you love playing favorite among your group, you would have multiple friends rather than one best friend. In such cases, it is better to be honest with your girls or boys and tell them about the duties that you are expecting from your maid of honor or best man. Without any doubts, fulfilling all those duties require great skills and tactics. Hence, your peeps may help you choose that all-rounder from your team.

However, if you are finding it hard to single out one person, talk independently to every member in your squad and ask them whether they will be able to fulfill the duties, how is their time schedule, etc. Note that some of your friends may have families or a demanding career that will keep them from performing the duties to the fullest. This way, you can not only select the best candidate but also can give a chance for your loved ones to back out if required.

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