Best Seasonal Honeymoon Destinations

Wedding Planning Tips
Wedding Planning Tips

These days you would find a number of wedding planning tips and awesome decoration ideas to make your big day more exciting and fun-filled on the whole. That helps, but after you are done with that bit, you also get left with a decent honeymoon to plan. This part is supposed to be just as interesting as tying the knot, if not more. AS your first trip together as a married couple, it is something you probably need to pull out all the stops on.

The memories you make this way would really be some of your most valued treasures in later life. Following are some of the finest destinations to pick from around the world based on the season you plan to visit.


There is a place called Santorini in Greece, with gorgeous sunsets that are beautifully backdropped by views of distinctive whitewashed villas. If you have been here at least once, you do not need to be told that it is a perfect getaway for newlyweds. The place offers lots of options in terms of activity, covering everything from exploring ancient ruins to relaxing at the beach. Enjoying summer at this place can be a truly phenomenal experience, and for this simple reason, many people travel here from around the world during that time of year. Croatia is another great place to visit during the summer. It is here that the many scenes in hit TV series Game of Thrones were filmed, specifically ones with stunning beaches in them.


There may well be no place in the world as romantic as Paris, and most people have it on their travel bucket list. Newlywed can benefit greatly from being hereabouts a week or so after getting married. This anti-boring city has a number of attractions ranging from remarkable restaurants to wonderful landmarks. Fall is the perfect time to visit, since there would only be a fewer number of tourists at that time of year. In addition, you would also get hotel rooms at much lower rent.


The famous Islands of Maldives really make for the perfect honeymoon destination. The blue hours can be enjoyed to their fullest here, and in ways few other parts of the world would allow. The most popular activities for people that like to move about, include diving and swimming. The highlights of this place include paddle boarding, dolphin watching, and exploring tons of islands.

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