7 Tips To Keep Yourself Tireless On Your Wedding Week

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The wedding season is a graceful and exciting time for everyone especially for the ones getting married. But at the same time, it is also a hectic and stressful time. The week before the wedding can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhaustive time. Though it is very elegant to see you on the wedding day, the time can be very demanding. It is the time when everyone wants to see you always and the time when you never become free to do the things you like to do. You will be forced to follow and obey the directions of your parents and your relatives.

The wedding week will be the one in which you feel extremely worn out and you will be in the epitome of weariness on your wedding day. It will be difficult to hide the weariness on your face even with all the makeup you use. All these problems can be avoided if you properly take care of yourself on your wedding week, especially the days prior to your wedding day.

It is very important to give proper rest to your body and mind so that you can be happy and active on your wedding day. Lack of sleep can severely affect your body systems and lead to unexpected problems on your wedding day. It can also increase your mental stress leading to memory deterioration and loss of the expected vigor.

Here are seven tips which can help you to be tireless on your wedding day. These are real-life tips and will be effective if practiced.

Make A Sleep Schedule

It is important to know that our body has an internal clock – the circadian rhythm. It is important to stick to a sleeping schedule so that your body gets used to it. You must have a particular sleeping time and a wake-up time. Follow this sleeping schedule without any break so as to keep your body tuned.

Get free of anxious thoughts

It is common for you to get anxious as you start planning your wedding. The anxiety level can sometimes go very high that you are feeling it so difficult to cope with it. But there are some easy ways to get rid of this unnecessary anxiety. If you are getting sleepless nights because of the extreme anxiety, it is good to take a sheet of paper and write down all your anxieties so that you can feel free from those anxious thoughts. If this does not work for you, it is better for you to talk to someone who is very close to you. Sharing your anxious thoughts with someone close can help you to a great extent in keeping yourself happy and content.

Distribute the tasks

The time of your wedding is the time when so many are available to help you with various things. You might feel to do everything by yourself but it is necessary for you to delegate some trustworthy people to do certain works for you. Your parents, siblings, wedding planners and friends can help you in doing and arranging things for you. Therefore get the help of the ones available for you, rather than tiring yourself out.

Learn To Say No

You have to learn to say NO in certain circumstances on your wedding week. Continuous involvement in everything can make you so tired and drowsy. To avoid this from happening you must be able to say NO in the demanding situations. If your body is weak and needs rest, give priority to that rather than involving in everything for the sake of involvement. Otherwise, you may easily get sick on your wedding day.

Avoid Late Night Disturbances

Your anxiousness about the marriage day may disturb your mind and eventually lead you to watch the marriage videos of your cousins to know how you should present yourself on your wedding day. Avoid doing such late night activities because it will keep your brain from resting. Avoid late night chats and emails and make sure that you keep away your laptop and mobile at least half an hour before your sleeping time.

Do Some Breathing Exercises 

Deep breathing can increase the oxygen pump to your lungs thereby helping your body system to function normally. It can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Lack of oxygen can lead to anxiety and stress. You will feel tensed and nervous if you are not able to get a proper breath. So make sure that you breathe well.

Maintain Your Diet

In the hustle and bustle of the wedding week don’t undermine the proper intake of food. Only if you eat healthily can you stay healthy. To assure that you don’t skip your food or compromise for a lesser quantity because of the hectic schedule. Maintain a balanced diet so that you will be healthy on your marriage day.

The wedding week can be made the most memorable week in your life if you follow these tips. These tips can help you to be the perfect bride on your wedding day.

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