7 Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding Theme Ideas
Wedding Party Ideas

Are you unsure how to determine your wedding venue look? Do not worry, we have got you covered with myriads of wedding theme ideas. Knowing these, you will only need to communicate your plans to your bakers, caterers, florists and others for the perfect wedding. Note that we will give you a brief idea of what every single theme looks like, in the second paragraph under each subheading. If you would like to know more about these wedding theme ideas, you may continue reading here.

Art Deco

Reminiscent of the 1920’s America, particularly the art deco-style architecture here, this idea is all about glam and spunky glitz. After all, Art Deco refers to the roaring 1920’s, the period when jazz became popular in the US and was the spirit of all parties here. So we recommend having live music for your wedding to entertain your guests and even make some of them dance to the tunes.

Sequined table clothing, geometric designs and white ostrich feather decorations falling out of centerpieces, decorate art deco soirees. A colorful champagne tower is among the most significant details of one such throwback party.


It appears that alternative has gotten a negative reputation for many years, but here, we will change this. Having one such wedding theme means that you have a unique style and that it cannot be put in other categories. Usually, these wedding themes are representative of Renaissance, Steampunk, Burning Man, Marvel comics and other subcultures.

Although the bridal dress might be traditional white, the headpiece, accessories or bouquet would be her own. Alternatively, the bride might choose something completely different, such as a cocktail dress made by hand or multicolored gown. There is a traditional groom’s cake having a design with elements that represent his interests (think R2D2, an iconic stadium or Captain Steve Rogers’ shield). Besides, there are many quirky details in everything from centerpiece items to favors.


The Boho style looks very chic, as though minimal effort went into it. The decoration is modest but attractive, plus the arrangement of colors is often a palette which you can find existing harmoniously in one’s garden.

Expect to have mismatched dresses of bridesmaids, showing off every person’s style while making sure they do not look excessively put together. Besides that, also expect the bridal party’s bouquets to be wispy and wild ones. The wedding reception would surely have a comfortable lounge space, complete with poufs and tepees. The ideal finishing touch is a wedding cake that is covered in colorful and fresh blooms.


Picture a wedding venue filled with white décor for everything including the linens and floral arrangements. Although you may have a pastel or metallic accent, the overall palette is airy and light with many different textures added for variety.

Classic weddings tend to have more formal-looking themes – these are sharply defined affairs. This means that the wedding may have the following:

  • A champagne-based cocktail hour;
  • Understated yet stunning décor such as tea lights or arrangements comprising one floral variety; and,
  • Chargers put at every single place setting.


A country wedding represents the Western United States, is awash with flavor, and it overflows with charm. The most basic aspect of it is to celebrate your native, and it may have some amount of Americana flair added as a supplement.

Many people will surely come with cowboy boots, and it would not be a surprise if these boots have camouflage. More conventional things might be changed for items with a much stronger hometown twist (such as pies from a local bakery rather than a tiered cake). There must be a strong farewell – we would recommend a fine vintage car departure; a vintage Ford pickup may be the perfect option for that.


Are you looking for the ultimate glamorous wedding theme inspiration? Think no further than award ceremony after-parties. Old-Hollywood red lip makeup, jaw-dropping dresses, and sweeping hairstyles couple with fancy decoration for a scintillating celebration.

Glamorous weddings perhaps have some amazing and Instagram-worthy details, such as exquisitely made food, a flower wall, or elegantly draped linen fabric items. The decoration can include neutral minimalist, extravagant and excessive elements. Metallic substances are also a must-have. Besides, something unexpected, such as a fireworks display or live performance, will impress and excite the audience.


Modern weddings are all about the simplicity of the exquisite kind. Urbanites, design lovers and city dwellers gravitate to this style, which while skewing towards formal has sufficient playful details to not feel like stuffy.

Expect different patterns put together in a quirky, yet very sophisticated, way, which are based on a well-organized color scheme. This theme reflects in all details, including the thoughtfully picked table linens and specialty cocktails. A cool logo or modern monogram may also be used in this wedding to personalize both your dance floor and menus, and the cake shall be simple yet extra delicious.

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