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The moment you finally propose to your partner is the time, which you will want to remember always. It might have taken a lot of effort for you to bring things so far to the time of the proposal. However, only if you have the moment brought in frames will you be able to remember it without any change even in the future, when your memory gets weaker. Therefore, it is important to have a professional who can capture the proposal moments in his camera. This should be done in secret or else the whole surprise element will be gone from the planning.

You should search and arrange a photographer earlier itself to capture the proposal moments. It might be easy if you have a friend who is a photographer but a stranger to your partner. You can plan the whole thing with him and execute it as per the plan. However, if you do not have a friend like that, you will have to face the challenge of selecting a photographer to do it for you. Here are some tips that can be helpful to you in choosing an ideal proposal photographer.

He Should Be a Stranger to your Partner

This is very important because there can be a failure in the whole plan if she spots your friend who is known to her roaming with a camera in his hand. If you are selecting someone who is from your friend circle, make sure that the person keeps the entire thing a secret from all your mutual friends. A slip of the tongue may spoil the long waited, planned proposal.

Choose One Who Uses a Digital Camera

It is digital photography, which can ensure that the moments are captured perfectly. The photographer you choose must be expert in taking candid. You must have a view of the candid photographs he has taken in the past, before fixing him as your proposal photographer. The subjects in the frame are tending to move continuously in a proposal scene, and hence, the photographer should be expert in handling the camera in such a situation.

Choose One Who is Familiar with the Location

It will be good if the proposal photographer that you choose is a person who is familiar with your proposal location. It will be easy for him to take photographs if he knows about the lighting, shades, and other factors that can affect photography. You may also ask him to visit the place beforehand, without your partner’s knowledge, to understand the conditions prevalent there.

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