Awesome Photo Booth Ideas for your Wedding

Wedding Photo Ideas
Photo Booth Ideas

In the process of a planning your wedding, you might have thought about having a photo booth at the venue. A photo booth in a wedding venue helps to create stunning photographs in an effortless manner. It is a fun way to capture the guests as well as their wishes to the bride and groom. It also breaks the ice and brings several laughs all through the day.

As you take snaps of the feelings and get some important pictures for the wedding album, guests are free to use the photo booth, and it will lead to unique moments they will appreciate. A wedding photo booth also lets people take snaps of themselves with minimal effort. It saves time photographing all your guests, and you do not have to spend considerable time conceiving many creative wedding photo ideas. So you will want to have a setting where one can go about taking pictures at their leisure.

Classic Photo Booth

Few other wedding photo booths work better than the classic one. Everyone knows what a classic photo booth is and how it works. For a wedding photo booth idea, this one is compact and clear, keeping everything together. Placing the booth at the reception lets people use it as per their convenience. There will be some people making the most of the machine all the time.

DIY Curtain Photo Booth

Having a photo booth with only a curtain will give privacy to your guests. Not all guests at your wedding venue would prefer to take their own photos in a crowd that continues to grow. The curtain theme booth can match your wedding and can be simple in terms of design.

Hanging Props from a Tree

Instead of a dedicated photo booth that cannot be moved, you can use a tree too as props. This allows several possibilities for frames and backdrops, letting people use them simultaneously or one after another. You can have props custom made, or choose the ones that fit the theme of your wedding to make it a bit more personal.

Faux Framed Wall

A framed wall is also a wonderful way to give a background for wedding photos. It is open to one’s interpretation, so you can conceive a design for the wall and make it as you wish. It is best to do it along the theme as that of your wedding. A table and chairs can make it appear like a room and add a quirky element to the photos. Better yet, have holes on the framed wall for other people to stick their heads through.

Polaroid Picture Frame

People love Polaroid photos, and the white color border for the images is synonymous with printouts from an instant camera. This is an extremely portable idea, which will allow your guests to take photos of one another in different locations. The best part about this is that you can also design the text for use under the photo, with the date and names for the wedding. After all, such small details make the photo booth work.

Chalkboard Backdrop

A chalkboard is an extremely simple and affordable way to make a background for the photo booth. It adds texture and works as an excellent theme for a wedding between teachers, for instance. Guests can write text as they wish, provided that they have chalk pieces and a damp cloth.

Retro Van Photo Booth

A retro van can be turned into the setting for wedding day photography. You can dress up the van, and park it anywhere you need to. Keep the camera in its passenger seat, and it provides your guests with seating. If there is bad weather on the day or there is no particularly interesting place for photography, this can be one of the perfect wedding photo ideas for your wedding. The best thing about it is that you have rides to and from the venue and can keep all your photography gear in the vehicle.

Aerial Shots

A new yet interesting idea is to put modern technology to good use. For instance, a drone controlled by an operator can hover just a few feet above the land, taking photos of the posing guests. Drone wedding photography allows one to play around with perspective, and that is the best thing about it. Aerial shots can make people seem as if they are standing even when they are lying down. You can also dress up the land as little or as much as you wish.

DIY Tablet Selfie Station

Each wedding is different, so it will necessitate different designs, photography-related equipment, as well as attention. The photo booth does not have to be pricey, nor way too glamorous. A tablet device placed on a tripod is all you need and this lets hundreds of guests can take selfies. In addition, you can use props as well as a cool setting. For a photo booth idea, this one is also portable, and it lets you change the scenery as frequently as you like.

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