What a Wedding Guest Needs To Know About Plus-One Etiquette

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Nowadays, most wedding hosts tend to offer a ‘plus one’ when inviting their guests. This step requires even more brainstorming than zeroing in on wedding photo ideas or wedding outfit ideas. Of course, getting offered a plus one will be really exciting especially if you are not familiar with the other faces at the venue. This will not be a great deal if you are married or dating someone for a long time.

In case you are a single or newly dating, you are likely to be confused about whether or not to bring a date to the wedding. You are likely to be confused about a ton of other things such as whether you require special permission from the couple of honor, do you want their permission regarding who can show up with you, etc. To help you with all such doubts, below is the plus one etiquette that every guest must follow while attending a wedding.

Never accompany a date without proper invitation

First of all, never bring someone to any function if you are not offered plus one. Even though this is self-explanatory, some people often assume it is ok to take their date to a wedding without proper invitation. Some guests may get miffed if they are not offered plus one while inviting to a wedding as well. However, you must understand that a wedding is a big deal and may cost a significant amount of money. Hence, they are likely to have a strong financial reason for not offering a plus one.

Never ask for a plus one

Even if your close friend or relative is getting hitched, stop yourselves from seeking their asking or requesting them for offering a plus one just because you think that you won’t have anyone to talk to at the wedding. Note that in case they are facing some financial constraints and you request them for plus one, it may get awkward or uncomfortable for them. Rather, show up solo and slay it with pride.

Be clear about who you are accompanying

If you are offered plus one, always make sure that the bride and groom know who you are bringing to their wedding ceremony. After all, a wedding is an intimate and special occasion and they have the right to know who all will be present for their big day. Some people might simply mention +1 on the RSVP and show up with a person directly at the wedding. Note that the couple is paying for your partner’s meals and probably drinks. So, your guest who is attending their wedding must never be an afterthought.

Never sub out your plus one

If you did not find the right person to bring to the wedding as your guest, you may think about simply mentioning the name of a random person on the RSVP card for the time sake at times. Note that this is not a Friday night date. Rather, this is one of the biggest days in someone’s life. Hence, always stick to the person that you have mentioned on the card. In case your guest will not be able to make it because of some medical issues or other unavoidable emergencies, check with the couple whether or not you can bring someone else as your guest rather than deciding it on your own.

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