Wedding Reception Seating Etiquette

Wedding Decoration Ideas
Wedding Reception Ideas

Even though assigning seating at the wedding ceremony is not necessary, many people create a wedding seating chart. In any type of dinner involving a seated feast, assigning seats is helpful. Firstly, it ensures that every table is filled to their capacity. Besides, in a plated dinner service, matters can be confusing for the staff behind it. Hence, it is better to have an assigned reception seating in wedding venues. Below is a discussion on a few wedding decoration ideas that will help you to ensure a good seating etiquette.

Decide on Table Shapes

Before you lead your guests to their seats, you need to decide on the tables. Their size and shape will determine the number of guests who can occupy the tables. Under shapes, you have to choose between four major types: square, oval, rectangle, and round. You would be able to accommodate several rectangular tables in a given area. Besides, it would be easier to talk across such a table. Round tables are the traditionally used shape and they provide the advantage of more leg space to the guests.

Keep your Friends Close

The head table should typically contain the wedding party as a rule of thumb. You may include other tables for your best friends. It is better to allow one table for the sweetheart, the second one for your parents, and the third for the wedding party.

Decide Where to Seat your Parents

Generally, the bride and groom’s parents share the same table during the reception apart from the siblings and grandparents who are not present at the wedding party. This provides the parents yet another chance to mingle among themselves and enjoy the moments of their children’s union.

Use your Parents’ Help to Seat Their Friends

You may be clueless when it comes to seating your parents’ friends. It is better to allow your mother-in-law and mother to arrange those tables. They will only be happy to help you. It is recommended to include your parents in deciding the tables regarding who they would like to seat close to them at their table.

Categorize your Guests

Since you have a clear picture of who would come to the wedding, you can arrange the list of guests into groups. You can start by sorting them into groups like high school friends, work friends, college friends, family members, and so on.

Above are some basic etiquettes you can follow while arranging the seating for your wedding reception.

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