Top Wedding Cake Flavors To Consider

Wedding Cake Ideas
Wedding Cake Ideas

Planning your wedding is one of the most difficult and overwhelming things that you may have to do in your life. Since it is the age of the internet, simply searching how to plan a wedding might help with your wedding ideas. Most people focus mainly on the decorations when they plan the wedding. Only a few people will give enough thought to wedding cake ideas.

If you really like to make the wedding cake attractive and delicious, you need to go for unique designs and flavors. In this article, we will take a look at some of the popular and unique wedding cake flavors that you can choose from.


Most of you might not have heard about this wedding cake flavor but it is getting popular. According to many bakers, funfetti is quickly becoming one of the favorite cake flavors among people. The main characteristic of this cake is its abundance of sprinkles that are mixed well into the batter before baking. Many bakers are suggesting this flavor for wedding cakes because it is fun and brings out smiles.


Lemon cakes are becoming an incredible part of most summer weddings these days. This is mainly because the lemon flavor is tartly refreshing. Most couples are choosing lemon cake because it goes well with vanilla buttercream, lemon frosting, and raspberry filling. Also, lemon cake nicely pairs with mousse fillings.


We eat almonds usually as a snack and it will be a bit of a surprise for some of you when you hear that almond cake is a popular wedding cake flavor. Many couples are ordering almond cakes with caramel buttercream and salted caramel for their wedding. Some couples also prefer lemon and blueberry fillings instead of caramel.


It is not a surprise that many couples choose chocolate cake for their wedding. Who doesn’t like chocolate, right? Chocolate cake is often complemented with raspberry, caramel, or buttercream. Many wedding planners have reported that most of their clients prefer their chocolate cake with raspberry mousse. Recently, some variations of chocolate cake, like German chocolate and dark chocolate are becoming popular.


Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors, not only for wedding cakes but also for ice creams as well. People of all age groups like the vanilla flavor and choosing a vanilla cake will bring a smile to all your guests’ faces. Almost all types of frostings and fillings work well with vanilla cake. However, some recent trend is showing that vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream is getting popular.

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