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Every bride dreams about her perfect bridal shower with her closest girl friends. It is the duty of the bride’s sister or the bride’s best friend to throw her a fun unforgettable shower of her dreams.

Throwing a shower is quite a task as it is a surprise party and the bride should not know the plan. It is also considered an honor to host the party for the lovely bride. So making sure that everything goes perfectly well as planned is a must. Planning at least a month before hand is essential for the smooth outcome of event. A checklist of all things to be done has to be made at least a month before.

Firstly, you need to come down to initial actions like deciding your invitees and the theme for the shower. If you are doing this alone, make sure you find a reliable and creative friend to help you assist with this event. Having someone to help you will take load off your shoulder and would be a great support during the time of event. You also need to make sure that you don’t stress yourself before the big day.

Next step would be to start making plans on food menu, decorations and activities. These are some essential steps as it needs to be impressive for the bride and her guests. It has to be an event that your guests look forward to coming.

Let us look in detail the things you need to keep in mind while organizing a perfect bridal shower. Also we recommend some elements that will make your event a memorable one for your friends and the bride.

Finding the Perfect Venue

The destination and place the bridal shower is conducted is the vital part of the event. This sets the entire mood and helps to comprehend the exact theme of the shower. You could have a beach resort venue where you could rent the villa for an overnight stay or even a half day. A hotel room in your favorite destination or a service apartment which could be decorated according to your theme can be a great venue.

Choosing the right venue will cover most of the handwork as, most of these beautiful venues would have amazing decor and view. The guests would be delighted to even be there at the venue.

Shower Theme

There is huge number of themes you could find on pinterest or other wedding apps. It could even be a theme that the bride is fond of. You could even secretly get to know what she likes and surprise her with her favorite themes.

Whichever theme you decide to choose it must have a personal and achievable factor in it. You could choose her favorite color and make the decor and dress code based on that. Or you could choose her favorite movie or destination as the theme.

Guest List

You must find out who are the closest friends of the bride and invite all of them. The tricky part is to get the date fixed, as it must be available for all of them. She doesn’t have to know whose coming, but she should approve of everyone on the guest list.

Dress Code

A dress code that fits well with the theme and destination is necessary. Make sure that the dress code is comfortable and something everyone loves to wear. Pick out a color palette and ask them to dress to a certain level of formality. It makes photos look much better.

Make sure the bride also gets something that stands out from everyone else. Let her show off her personality while staying clear of anything similar to her wedding dress.

Bridal Shower Decor

Find an event decor company to do the shower or you could buy the decor props. Bridal balloons, photo frames, and a cake table could be organized for decor. Keep in mind the theme while choosing the decor.

Food and Wine

Arrange for comfort food like pizza or mini burgers and fries. You could also include finger snacks and desserts for appetizers. You could even add some colorful cocktails that enhance the theme of the shower.

Get few bottles of red and sparkling wine for a good time. Also get a bottle of champagne to start the day and cheer for the bride.

Flowers and Giveaway gifts

Get bouquets of the bride’s favorite flower to decorate around the room.

Flowers add to the beauty of decor and bring in the look aesthetically. Get parting gifts for all the guests. It is something to remember the day, and the memorable moments they shared together.

A bride to be backdrop

If the bride in question is going to be opening gifts or need great pictures during the event, make sure that she’s comfortable. It doesn’t hurt to turn her seat into a work of art, either—she’s the queen of the day and deserves a throne!

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