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The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of almost every couple and hence, ought to be just perfect. There would be a number of factors which the couple, especially the bride, would have to look at closely. Plenty of wedding dress shopping tips and wedding theme ideas would be storming your mind, as well as options for food, cake, and other stuff to boot. One thing many brides overlook amongst all the confusion is their bridal veil. This one seemingly small thing plays a significant role both on both the emotional and aesthetic fronts.

The Significance of Wearing a Bridal Veil

Traditionally, a bridal veil represents innocence and purity. Some people also claim that these are used to drive away any evil forces lingering around a bride. When it comes to aesthetics, bridal veils tend to add a statement and a finishing touch to your wedding outfit and can easily ruin or make your total look. That explains why you must never compromise here. Now you may get overwhelmed with the number or range of designs available at a reputed bridal boutique. If you are wondering about which design suits your personality and style, two of the most ideal and popular options are listed below.

Glam Embellishments

Make your bridal veil stand out by beautifying it with elegant embellishments such as pearls, crystals, etc. This is a perfect option for all the traditional brides out there. By using embellishments that match the color of the beading or designs on your wedding gown, you get to accessorize your bridal veil with the rest of your outfit. Experts typically recommend considering a lightweight fabric, as well as not going overboard with the embellishments since that may distract the attention of people from the bridal gown. Plus, it would be hard to carry a heavily embellished veil.

The Birdcage Veil

If you are a modern bride who prefers to flaunt something extraordinary or break the stereotypical bridal veil concepts, you can go in for a birdcage design. As the name indicates, this features a veil that resembles the bars of a birdcage. Plus, the veil would be embellished with soft feathers to add to the overall appeal. Usually, this type of veils would be small and cover only your face, making them extremely easy to carry. While the netting of the veil that frames your face may look flirty, the embellishments on the fabric would impart a delicate and feminine touch.

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