Tips To Save Money During a Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding days are one of the most important days of almost everyone. It is the day that people take a new step, with their beloved partner, to a new phase of their life. Since it is such an important day, everyone would do their best of their capacity to make that day the most beautiful. Sometimes many of them do things above their financial capacity to celebrate that special day with their special ones. The common expenses that occur during a wedding are mostly for the wedding costume, the wedding ring, the feast and also for the location of the wedding. But, keeping a few things in mind can help you plan better and thus reduce the expenses of your wedding. Some of the major concerns that are to be kept in mind while planning a wedding ceremony are as follows.

Prepare a Budget

Preparing an overall budget is the first thing that is required to be performed while planning a wedding. The budget must constitute the following

  • Set the maximum limit

This step evaluates the maximum amount that the person and his soon to be partner can put forward to spend on their wedding day. They must also consider whether there is any offer from their parents for that in monetary terms. The aggregate of all these amounts should be considered as the maximum limit.

  • Identify all the expenditure

In this stage the partners must evaluate all the upcoming expenses for both personal grooming and also for the ceremony. They must evaluate all the possible expenses including all the miscellaneous expenses that may occur during the day. After estimating the expenses, they must identify the scope to cut short their expenses to fall within their estimated budget.

  • Create a reserve¬†

Though all the expenses are estimated and properly evaluated, many unanticipated expenses can occur on the special day. So it is mandatory to keep a portion of the expense as a contingency reserve while planning a wedding ceremony.

Choose the Venue

It is a tradition found among the society to conduct the ceremony at the nearest available venue. Sometimes this can create a huge cost on such people, since they choose the venue on the basis of the distance from their home, but not on the basis of the cost of the venue. Therefore, while planning a wedding ceremony, the partners should explore all the available venues around their place of interest and choose the least expensive venue, even if it is a bit longer than other destinations. It is also better to conduct the marriage ceremony at an open ground if it is available for free or if it is available at a cheaper rate.

Utilize Personal Relation

One of the major expenses that would occur during a wedding ceremony is for the appointment of bartenders, photographers and the transport agents. Since all these activities require some skilled personal, normally the expense incurred for all these activities can be a bit high. To minimize the expenditure for all these works, it is better to recruit those personally known or familiar professionals, since they may not demand high charges for the same as other people. It is also better to offer some consideration in kind such as a trade of professional skill with those personal to minimize the amount to be spent on all those activities.

Save Money from Lodging

During a wedding ceremony, there will be so many guests from many parts of the city. It would be the duty of the groom and the bride to arrange for the accommodation of those guests coming from long distances. Normally, if there are a lot of such guests, the expense incurred for the lodging of those people would be very high. These expenses can be effectively minimized with proper planning. Firstly, estimate how many guests would require accommodation. Then categorize those guests on the basis of the need and their importance in the family. After classification, arrange different places for each of these categories of guests. This will enable to save a lot of money than booking a standard accommodation for all the guests.

The Catering Services

Food is one of the important events of a wedding party. It is also where huge amounts of money would have to be spent. But, there are many tips and tricks to reduce the expense for food and beverages during an event. Firstly, ensure that the venue that is chosen allow outside food, since, arranging an outside catering team to supply food can be much cheaper than the food provided by the caterers associated with the venue. Another way to save money here is by arranging a buffet set up for the guests, since; this will help to save the money from employing people for serving the food to the guests.

Not only the methods mentioned above in this article, there are also many other ways to save money during a wedding ceremony. With a proper plan, it is possible to save a whole lot of money which would be otherwise expended unnecessarily during a wedding.

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