Popular Wedding Ring Styles For You To Choose From

Wedding Planning Guide
Wedding Planning Guide

Choosing the engagement and wedding rings is an important step involved in planning your wedding. These rings will be worn for a lifetime, therefore, you should take good care in selecting them. Ring shopping is an important step to add to your wedding planning guide.

There will be a wide range of engagement and wedding ring designs for you to choose from in jewelry shops. So it can be a confusing task to select the right ring for you. But knowing about some of the popular wedding ring settings can be helpful for you when choosing your rings. Therefore, we list some of the best options to consider when getting your engagement and wedding rings. This can be useful for you when planning a wedding ceremony.


This is one of the most popular and classic choices available for you. It is the favorite of people who are looking for simple ring designs. The solitaire design includes a single diamond set on a simple band. This is an elegant design that brilliantly shows off your center diamond.

You can choose any diamond cut for your center stone including round, princess, emerald, radiant, pear, oval, or marquise. As it gives maximum exposure to your stone, the cut and clarity of your diamond can be important.

Pave Setting

The pave setting exudes luxury, as the surface of your band will be covered in diamonds. It is a great choice for people who want shiny engagement and wedding rings. As pave engagement rings have small stones covering the band, they will create an illusion that the band is made of diamonds.

But if you get a pave ring that has diamonds covering the entire band, then resizing of this ring can be difficult in the future. Also, the maintenance of pave rings can be burdensome for some people, as they involve a large number of small stones.

Three Stone Setting

For this setting, the center stone will be accompanied by two side stones that will be a little smaller in size than the center stone. One of the important advantages of this ring is that you can bring vibrant color combinations for your stones. For example, you can choose a colorless diamond as your center stone and colored diamonds for your side stones.

Halo Setting

This is another stunning ring setting that is well-known for its excellent brilliance. In this setting,  small stones encircle the center diamond. This can help to add wonderful brilliance and sparkle to your rings.

If you are looking for popular engagement and wedding ring designs that suit you, then the above options can be ideal for you. They offer some of the best rings that can provide you a stunning and vibrant look.

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