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After you have selected your wedding veil, you have to decide if you require a headpiece too. If yes, make your mind up on which headpiece will be the best match for your personality, face shape, body shape, hair, wedding veil, and outfit. In short, the headpiece must coordinate the body and dress style elements as well as characteristics.

Thus, once that is set and done, you have to assess your hair and haircut’s condition. What is your hair’s length? Do you have thick or thin hair? Once you understand those, you will know what kind of wedding styles and hairstyles are possible. When done with that, check out the available headpieces – meaning which one of them will be the most appropriate for your style of hair, matching your bridal outfit, and the wedding theme.

Remember that it will be tricky to attach a heavy headpiece on a thin hair, as it requires hair volume to both sit and fit. Once you select a wedding day headpiece, you have to make sure it fits tightly regardless of your body or head movement. Do not forget that it should also be relatively comfortable to wear. The day of your wedding is going to be a long one and you do not want to run the risk of ruining your big day by the discomfort felt when wearing it.

Another thing you have to consider is whether you like to wear it through to your wedding reception. Thus, in case you have attached the veil to the headpiece, you require options to take the veil off following the wedding ceremony, or select a smaller headpiece for fit and comfort, or replace it with another headpiece for your reception.

In general, back pieces work with any face’s shape, while tiaras and headbands have to be selected appropriately for the shape; flower decorations and combs, on the other hand, are great options for a low-key wedding look. You can also choose the wedding hat option, which perfectly suits brides with short hair. Regardless, below are the different types of headpieces you can choose from for your wedding day.

The Back Piece

The back piece is most often barrette or comb that fastens at the head’s back. The veil can be attached to it, and later detached, if needed. It suits just about right for every bride, regardless of the shape of her body, face, or neckline. You can decorate it with pearls, flowers, or beads.

The Comb

The comb can sit on your head’s side or top and at its back. It is often decorated with flowers and beads, and offers a simple style that can be worn with just about any style of hair. A comb-veil combo makes attending the wedding reception afterward much easy.

The Bridal Crown

The bridal crown is a circular jewelry headpiece, which sits on your head’s top and can be adorned with pearls, beads, and gemstones.

The Half Crown

The half crown is obviously smaller than the full one, which typically sits higher on one’s head than a more ornamental tiara. Usually, it is half the size, but can still be decorated with the jewels or beads of your choice.

The Tiara

The tiara is akin to the bridal half crown, but is lower in height and sits in a semi-circle on the head’s top. Most of the time, it is made out of crystal and pearl. Surely, it offers the most dramatic looking headpiece, which works with everything from sheath dress to conventional ball gowns. The headpiece is also flexible because it can be worn with or without the veil and with just about any bridal hair.


Headbands differ in width and nearly follow your head’s shape. They are fashionable bridal options since they are of low-maintenance and effortless to wear. In addition, they add a touch of elegance to your wedding day look and are flexible for any bridal hairdo.

The Double Headband

The double headband is similar to the single band but can be more youthful and playful in its style quotient. Thus, it is best for a more casual wedding and best suitable for a younger bride.


Hairpins are very flexible too and are great choices for any style of hair, whether tussled or formal, down or up. Often, they are bejeweled and can either be worn alone or be scattered for a dazzling overall look.

The Juliet Cap

The Juliet Cap is a tiny, vintage-inspired headpiece that sits tight on the top of the head. Typically, it is embellished. Grace Kelly’s wedding day Juliet Cap is considered the most famous one, also worn to perfection by her.

The Snood

The snood is a knitted fabric piece that closes in one’s hair at the head’s back. The delicate headpiece adds a vintage-like and retro touch to your bridal gown and is preferred by those who like a historical-theme wedding ceremony.

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