Differences Between Classic Wedding And Rustic Wedding

Wedding is the occasion where two people step on to a new phase of their life. To make this day memorable most of the people will invite their friends and relatives and host a wonderful party for them. Even though the core is the same, there have been many changes in the manner of a wedding celebration. There are many different wedding styles and two of the most popular wedding styles are classic and rustic. The factors that make these styles unique are as follows.

Costume of Couples

It is mandatory to keep the blend of black and white in the dressing of the couples for a classic wedding. In most of the classic weddings, the bride will be wearing a long white gown and the groom will be in a black tuxedo or black three-piece suit with a white shirt. It is necessary to keep the formal look for a classic wedding. The venue will be also decorated with colors like red, purple, emerald green or with light shades of the same.

However, the color theme and dress code of the couples are entirely different for a rustic wedding. Simplicity is the basic feature of rustic weddings. For this style of weddings, the couples have full freedom to choose their wedding costume and there are no guidelines for the same. Since it is conducted mostly in outdoors, the place will be decorated with wooden and rock structures and with colors that can blend with nature.


Most of the weddings will be conducted in churches. Some of them will also be conducted outside the church but in a formal location. For a classic wedding, there will be a group of people called the bridal party. This group includes the bride’s maid, groom’s men, page boy, and flower girls and they are responsible to take care of the couples for the entire day. For a classic wedding, it is the duty of the father or the most important member of the family to give away the bride to the groom. In addition to these, there will be a session for the guests to officially wish the couples good luck and also to take photographs after the ceremony.

Rustic weddings take place under a tree or on places like barns, sheds or vineyards. The events will be unstructured and there are no rules and guidelines to conduct the party. For this wedding style, the couples can choose whether they need a bridal party or not. After the official ceremony, the couples have full freedom to manage their day.


The reception or the wedding party is fully structured in a classic wedding. The guests will be seated and they will be served with a three-course dinner. After that, the bride and groom will be officially invited to the dice. Later the father of the bride and the best man of the groom will make speeches about the couples. After that, they will be invited to cut the cake and also for their first dance. The formal nature of the event will be displayed in all the activities and even on the decorations.

However, for most of the rustic weddings, there will be a sit-down dinner but there will be also room for the guests to move around and take their food from buffet tables and also from food stations. The rustic weddings will also be having all the activities like speech, cake cutting, and first dance but everything will be conducted in an informal way.

Dress Code For Guests

For the classic weddings, the guests are expected to attend the event in formal dressing, that is, for women, the dress codes are floor-length evening gown or other formal gowns and for men suit is mandatory. They can choose to wear a tuxedo or a black tie suit. It is also mandatory for women to not wear white gowns because it is the color reserved for the bride. Even if the invitation has not specified any dress code, formal dressing is implied for a classic wedding.

The dress code for guests in a rustic wedding is decided by the venue. If it is conducted in an open space, the guests can wear festive dresses and if it is any other place, they can choose the dress by themselves. Casual dressing is more suited for a rustic wedding. However, if the invitation has specified any dress code, the guests are expected to follow the same.

Criteria Classic Wedding Rustic Wedding
Dress Of Couples Black And White No Specific Color
Place Of Ceremony Church Open Ground
Reception Formal Informal
Dress Of Guests Formal Casual

Classic style is a combination of a traditional wedding and a modern wedding. This is a type of formal wedding style. On the other hand, a rustic wedding is the most informal style of wedding. If you are looking for a modern style with a touch of traditions and culture, it is better to choose a classic wedding style, and if you are planning to make your wedding unique, rustic weddings are best for you.

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