About Us

Weddings are awesome, and no one gets that better than we do. We at Weddings Story are all sorts of obsessed with every aspect of weddings. Let us be the first to acknowledge that there exists no “right” way to have a wedding; the concept of a lovely barn wedding, for instance, makes that abundantly clear. What we aim to do is bring you attractive, relevant and useful information that has to do with different types of weddings, and how they can be made into truly memorable occasions for everyone involved. Mainly though, we blog because we love to write about stuff, and there is always something to write about weddings. And love.

We love helping couples and their loved ones with personalization of the big day, making sure nothing overshadows or detracts from what is supposed to be the single most important day in their lives. Great photography is at the core of most of the advice we dish out, because what good is an eventful day if you don’t have photos to remember it by? There is something for everyone here, even if they are just planning to show up at someone’s nuptials and are unsure what to expect or wear. That said, even an experienced wedding planner could benefit from taking a page or two out of our proverbial book. Bookmark us and check out our posts at leisure. You may end up drawing inspiration from us, which is one of the reasons this website exists. Feel free to send us feedback if something we suggested works out well.

We offer plenty of information dealing with diverse topics such as how to best manage a post-wedding brunch, the do’s and don’ts of a photo shoot, guest etiquette, where to get married, how to make the occasion kid-friendly, etc. Additionally, we detail current and rising weddings trends, as well as ones that are making a comeback. Look to us for the best beauty, DIY, and fashion tips relating to weddings, and rest assured these will enable you to make your special day the most memorable one in recent years.