Why Cupcakes Might Be Better than Wedding Cake

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The wedding cake is one of the most traditional components of any wedding reception. Choosing the right one, setting it up, and managing the way it gets served to guests is an all but holy task. Despite being a minor thing in scope when compared to the rest of the wedding activities, cake tasting often leaves people with the deepest impressions of the event.

Today, couples have plenty of alternatives to the time-honored butter cream frosted multi-tiered wedding cake. One of the newest trends along those lines is serving people cupcakes, fresh from the oven and carrying a variety of textures and flavors. These cupcakes are definitely not the average $4-apiece kind you get at just any bakers; they are decadent and delicious, and bring the following advantages over a traditional wedding cake.

Cupcakes Carry the Same Flavors

One thing that makes it hard to pick a wedding cake in the first place is the fact that the bride and groom should agree on what flavor they want it to be. This is not the only challenge either; many find it equally vital to steer clear of cliché flavors. No matter the final decision though, it is still a gamble, because you know there will be no other cake option for the guests to enjoy. Cupcakes can reach around that problem quite easily. They are not just for kids – every guest has what it takes to be able to enjoy a cupcake. It is a personal adventure for each, because the flavors and fillings are experienced differently from person to person.

There are also endless options to pick from, because it is possible for a baker to include almost any conceivable flavor into a cupcake. If you offer a few varieties on the big day, guests can pick according to what they like, and indulge without having to feel like you forced a single flavor on them. You could try champagne flavored, red velvet topped with cream cheese, cannoli cupcake filled with tasty cream, white mocha, peanut butter and jelly filling, pistachio topped with chocolate sour cream, or blueberry topped with cream cheese frosting.

You Can Eat Cupcakes More Easily

A tasty cupcake is one of those things, which can easily conjure up memories of childhood, filled with birthday parties and all other kinds of fun. You can eat them very easily, and not have to use a fork and knife the way a wedding cake would require you to. Oftentimes, you do not even need plates; you just the cupcake them off the wrapper and the n throw that in thrash.

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Cupcakes have set sizes, so no one has to leave anything over the way they would after taking an oversized cake slice. You can choose what sizes to serve – standard, mini, or extra large. Figure out a number of cupcakes to serve, and assume each guest will help themselves to least two. Some will no doubt go beyond that number, while others would turn it down. Have to-go boxes ready in case you decide to give some away as party favors.

Cupcakes Look Unique When Presented in the Right Way

The typical wedding cake is either sheeted or tiered, and there is not much room for creativity when it comes to displaying it. However, when you go with cupcakes instead, you can lay them out in a variety of appealing ways, such as in the form of a monogram, arranged in the shape of a wedding dress, etc. All you need to ensure is that the guests can reach the cupcakes, and that they do not have to crowd the area to do this.

Cupcakes can also be made to mix well with the overall theme of the function, using the myriad cake decorating tools wedding managers routinely employ. For instance, you could use whimsical piping techniques, or use frosting that matches the centerpieces. There is a lot that can be done when it comes to presenting cupcakes, so when you sit down and have a chat with your wedding planner, make sure to bring this up and get your ideas heard.

They Can Be Combined with a Small-Tiered Cake

Setting out cupcakes for your wedding is sure to leave a lot of children and adults happy, especially if you leave them with a wide range of flavors and filling to sample. One thing can beat this though: a combination of small-tiered cake and cupcakes. You have the former (a three-tier affair, 6 inches wide at the top), and cupcakes arranged in spirals down the sides. It is common these days for couples to offer cupcake displays beside other favorite deserts, such as red velvet cake. Consider setting up a tier holding truffles, mini tarts, and other small desserts, so that guests can pick what they like and enjoy it.

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