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In most cases, weddings are held in between the months of July and December, mainly because of the best climatic conditions. Just like the bride and groom, guests too will be excited to attend a wedding so that they can also rock in their best attires.

Obviously, almost every shop will be packed with colorful and amazing dresses that are sure to make anyone fall for it at the very first sight. Hence, most people tend to purchase the best outfits in order to attend a wedding. However, you must take care not to dress in such a way that it steals the limelight away from the newlyweds, especially the bride. For this, there are certain guidelines that you must follow while wearing a dress to a wedding. For one, you must take special care about the style and color of the wedding outfit that you are about to purchase. Below are some of the most common mistakes that women make while shopping for an outfit to attend a wedding.

Flaunting White Dress

There is no denying the fact that white dresses are unbelievably appealing that hardly anyone can resist its utmost charm. Naturally, brides love to spruce up their wedding in white gowns. Hence, other women going to the wedding usually avoid wearing white dresses in the past. Things have changed now though; people consider it an old school rule today, and often select a ravishing white dress to attend a wedding.

However, attending a wedding in a white dress may rub many people and the bride in the wrong way. So, the first thing that you must consider while shopping for an outfit is not to take a white dress. In fact, female guests must avoid wearing an outfit that is remotely bridal so that it does not hurt anyone’s emotions. It is always better to show off your white dress in a function that does not involve any vows.

Wearing Red to a Wedding

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Actually, there are no issues in wearing a red dress to a wedding, unlike a white dress. The only thing here is that red color tends to draw the attention and you may unknowingly take away the limelight from the bride or even the ceremonial proceedings. This may create a bad impression of wedding crasher on you. Besides, you will also stand out in wedding photos like a misfit. So, it is better to avoid wearing a red dress, especially the brighter hues while attending a wedding.

Similarly, choosing a red outfit even for bridesmaids dress is also a bad idea, as it will surely distract the attention of people from the wedding outfit of the bride. If you are really in awe with red color and strongly feel like wearing a red outfit to a wedding, deep cranberry shade will be a good alternative because it is less distracting when compared to a ‘fire engine red’.

Ignoring the Dress Codes

Usually, the color and style of dress that guests must wear while attending a wedding will be given in the invitation cards. For instance, consider a black tie dress code for a wedding. In such cases, the will be expecting you to come in a cocktail dress or evening gowns. In case there is a white tie dress code on an invitation card, a ball gown will be perfect. Similarly, it is appropriate to flaunt a summer dress, a light suit, or a skirt and top for a lounge suit dress code. In case, there is no wedding dress code on an invitation card, it is safe to choose any of the pastel shades or a colorful summer dress.

In most cases, guests may fail to notice the dress codes in an invitation card or overlook it and end up in shopping an outfit for the wedding that does not fit the theme. Note that there will be nothing more awkward than wearing an inappropriate dress to a wedding function because you are more likely to feel out of place in such cases.

Dolling up like Bridesmaids

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In most cases, women put a lot of efforts to coordinate the color and style of their dress, especially while attending the wedding function of their friend. This is actually a great idea, but it may give an impression that you are the bridesmaid. This, in turn, may offend the real bridesmaids. So, it is better to choose an outfit that does not make you look like a bridesmaid. That said, at times you may unknowingly turn up in dresses that resemble the bridesmaids’ outfit. That is coincidence and you cannot help it.

Remember, wearing inappropriate dresses for a wedding function is also not a good etiquette to follow. That is, you cannot wear an outfit that is ideal for a bachelorette such as the skimpy clothes to a wedding, which is normally a classy function. In fact, such dresses are not appropriate to wear while attending a wedding reception as well.

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