Valuable Tips for Throwing a Post-Wedding Bash

Wedding After-Party
Post-Wedding Party Tips

There is a saying that happiness will be doubled if it is shared. So, a wedding after-party is a great option in order to share the happiness of a newly wedded couple. It is basically an informal get-together after the wedding ceremony. Yet some would say that the real wedding celebration takes place in a post-wedding bash only.

During the time of pre wedding rituals and wedding ceremony, there will be mixed emotions dominating the vibe, such as happiness, tension, nervousness, and excitement, especially for the bride and groom. On the other hand, the only emotions during a post-wedding bash will be happiness and excitement. No wonder, post-wedding parties are emerging as a nuptial delight for newlyweds in the modern era.

Why Organize a Post Wedding Bash

A wedding after-party is ideal to let loose the revelers amongst the guests in order make it an ever-memorable event. This is the time where a bride and groom can break a leg with their loved ones.

During the wedding time, you will be bogged down with a number of guests and there will be hardly any time to spend with your close ones. At an intimate post-wedding party though, you can show your gratitude towards the people who matter the most to you. Apart from this, the fun games, activities, food and beverages, etc., are sure to make the event more exciting.

How to Invite Guests to a Wedding After-Party

There are many ways to invite guests to a post-wedding bash. Traditionally, the bride’s and groom’s parents used to invite their guests personally. Now, things have become easier; all thanks to the technology, people invite their guests via email, chats, a Facebook event, etc. Nevertheless, make certain that your guests know about the post-wedding party as well. At least do this before the reception so that they can be ready for the party.

Whom to Invite

Usually, a post-wedding party will be an intimate affair and only the close family and friends of the newlyweds will be invited to it. Furthermore, keep a budget range as well in mind while inviting people to a wedding after party.

It is to be noted that there will be some guests who would want to stay for the function even though they are not invited. Keep them as well in mind while calculating the number of guests. It is also recommended to avoid elderly people for a wedding after-party because it will be hard for them to wake up in the wee hours after participating in the day-long wedding rituals.

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