Ultimate Tips to Accessorize your Wedding Dress

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Brides often choose their wedding dress in such a way that it matches well with their style and looks unique at the same time. If your wedding day is close, you must have already chosen your unique wedding gown. Therefore, the next step you have to do is to select the appropriate accessories that go well with your wedding dress style. In fact, there are more than enough ideas for the same; given below are some ultimate tips that will help you to pick the right accessories according to your style.

Matching Metals

You must know that certain metals look good with particular dress colors. For instance, gold metal pairs well with ivory colors because it highlights the fabric’s creamy tint. If your wedding dress is of pure white color, you can choose accents with platinum, silver, or pearl detailing. Note that gold may not look good with brighter white shades, while off-white colors will look stunning with rose gold, yellow gold, and silver details.

Less is More

You do not have to wear earrings, necklace, tiara, and veil altogether. Less number of accessories will be a good choice to add uniqueness. If your wedding dress has enough designs or embroidery work on it, you can avoid wearing heavy neckpieces; instead, opt for a single thread of necklace or avoid it completely. You can wear a pair of dazzling drop earrings and chandelier danglers for a dramatic look.

Know your Veils

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A veil is an iconic bridal accessory that comes in various designs and lengths. While buying veils, make sure that the color of the veil matches well with your gown color. Go for a simple veil in case your gown has enough detailing. Short veil styles like bandeau or birdcage will look stunning for all gown styles. For showing off the backside of your wedding dress, if it has stunning embroidery or bead works, go for a sheer veil instead of the ones with multiple layers of tulle.

A Good Hairdo

If you are avoiding veils, a beautiful hairdo will be important. Choose your hairdo before picking accessory. This is because some accessories look good with specific hairstyles. For instance, a flower crown or a tiara will be a great accessory to go with loose locks; you can wear a natural flower on pleated hair for a simple but elegant style. If you leave your hair down the ears, go for earrings like drops or small studs to match with it.

Beyond Jewelry

It is not just the jewels, that play a main role in improving your overall look, but accessories like a sash or belt can invite extra attraction too. Upgrade your bridal gown fashion with a belt having stone accents or go for a metallic leather belt or a classic satin sash for a stylish look. However, stick with a maximum of three inches wide belt, so that it does not overpower your gown’s look.

Keep it Comfy

Any outfit is complete only with a beautiful pair of shoes. Do not forget that you will have to stand for a long period, so avoid using uncomfortable shoes. After buying comfortable shoes, walk around the house for a few days prior to the wedding day and see if there are areas prone to blisters. If so, use some cream that provides relief from inflammation and protects against friction.

Cover Up

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If you are getting married in the cooler months of the year, you definitely need to cover up your shoulders. From boleros to fur stoles and capelets, there are limitless options you can choose from here. You can pick one that goes perfectly with your wedding dress as per your styling preferences. If your wedding gown is simple style, then you can go for an embellished cover up such as a beaded capelet or maybe a feather bolero, whereas a classic cardigan will be a good pick for a laid-back affair.

Consider your Décolletage

In case your wedding gown is strapless, you can skip wearing a necklace and consider wearing chandelier earrings instead. To get a sleek look, you can wear clear crystal earrings, and for adding more punch, you can choose a colorful one. A simple pendant or a white pearl neckpiece will go well with a V-neckline. Choose a statement necklace or crystal choker for a decadent look.

Be Yourself

Everyone knows that it is your big day and they may be having high expectations for the bride’s look. Still, you do not have to overdo things out of your comfort zone. Some accessories may result in irritation if you are not a regular wearer. Hence, get the accessories that suit your style and go well with your wedding dress, but at the same time, make you comfortable. Your ultimate aim must be to look stylishly dressed and being a beautiful version of your true self.

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