Some Wedding Gift Etiquettes to Follow

Wedding Gift Etiquette
Wedding Gift Etiquette

It is quite natural to pamper the newlywed couple with a number of gifts on their big day. Note that it is not necessary that every guest will bring a gift; some people may go to a wedding party without a present as well. In most cases, newlyweds can expect a token of love from their guests.

Now, the main task here is actually for the guests. It is to be noted that the wedding gift hunting process is really a hectic task since you will have to choose something that suits both the bride and the groom. There are certain rules that every guest must follow when it is about wedding gift manners. Some of those dos and don’ts are given below.


Give your Gift at Least within 1 Year of the Wedding Date

It is an age-old tradition to give a wedding gift to the newlyweds within a year of their wedding, and this wedding gift etiquette still exists. However, it is better to send gifts to the couple sooner rather than later. Normally, you can send the wedding present within six months of their wedding. Even better, if you send the gift before their big day. Otherwise, you are more likely to forget about it. In addition, you will not have to choose a gift that complements both the bride and the groom if you opt to send it before the wedding day.

Check the Registry

A wedding registry is a service that is offered by wedding websites or stores. In most cases, you can access it through the wedding website of the couple. This registry shows the type of gifts the couple loves to receive. When someone purchases an item from the wedding registry, it will get updated and will show the rest of the items available. So choosing a wedding gift for the couple from the wedding registry will be a great way to make your gift hunting task easier. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of gifting something useful to the newlyweds.

Double Check the Delivery Address

In case you cannot meet the couple in person, you will have to ship the gift to them. One of the most common mistakes that people tend to make here is to send the gifts to the wrong address. Hence, it is really crucial to double check the address before shipping your wedding gift. It is recommended to consult with the couple and inquire about their preferred address to ship the gift. Mostly, the couple may ask you to send it to their friend’s or relative’s home until they get a spacious place to accommodate all the gifts. This is out of the question in case you purchased it through the wedding registry though, as the gifts will be automatically sent to their preset address.


Bringing the Presents to the Wedding Venue

Bring gifts to the venue at the wedding day is actually not a proper etiquette, as it will create more trouble for the couple or the host. Note that the couple will have to manage different things such as the guests, arrangements, vendors, families, etc., on their big day. They will have many other things to transport to and from the wedding venue. Hence, your wedding gift will become an extra burden on them. Additionally, the chance for your gift to get lost in the shuffle is more. So, it is recommended to ship your gifts to their designated address either before or after their big day.

Go Negligent on Group Gifts

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It is normal for a group of friends or relatives to opt for group gifts. This will be a great choice if you prefer to gift something unique and luxurious to the couple. In this case, one person of the group will usually be in charge of the whole thing. He/she will purchase the gift and the other members will just have to share the expense. Yet if you are going for a group gift, make sure that you played your role well rather than just paying the cash. Otherwise, it will be like you are taking the credit for a gift that you never chose. Besides, make sure that the organizer does not fool you by overpricing the gift.

Stress about the Gift

In most cases, you may get a lot stressed about choosing an appropriate wedding gift for the couple. As there is a myriad of options here, it will be really challenging for you to choose a particular gift for the newlyweds. Even if you select one, there is no guarantee that the couple will embrace it wholeheartedly. In order to tackle this situation, consult with any of the close friends or relatives of the couple and seek their help in choosing an appropriate gift. As always, you can shop through their wedding registry, and it would be the easiest and most convenient options to nail it; the couple will surely be elated to receive the gift that they yearned for.

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