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Wedding rings have long held a significant spot when it came to wedding days and marriages. They symbolize a couple’s love and commitment to one another, serving as a constant reminder that no matter what happens in life, they once chose each other over the remaining 7 billion people on the planet. These rings uphold a long-running tradition tracing back through generations, which is why the debate on whether or not to have them is so contentious.

Following are some of the main reasons for and against getting wedding rings as a couple. These are general things, which apply to most people.

Why Not to Get One

If you are reluctant to go with what is generally expected, you probably have a solid reason for it, or even several. Many people have issues with wearing a designated ring for the rest of their lives, such as the following.

  • They are typically unfit to be worn to work: No one wants to accidentally damage a diamond ring that cost them a small fortune. Most every person needs to go to work every day, and having a ring on their finger could present problems, especially if daily work involved substantial manual labor. Think firefighters and electricians, and why you never see any wearing jewelry while on duty. Certain careers also preclude wearing jewelry for hygiene reasons.
  • They cost a lot: This is one of the main reasons why diamond wedding rings commonly get relegated to the bottom of wedding organizing lists. Millennials in particular see a wedding event itself as a significant expense in the long run, which as a matter of fact it is. Topping that with the cost a couple of rings would no doubt strain most people’s budget in the “what if is sold my kidney” kind of way.

Points in Favor

  • They will be a permanent fixture in your future relationship: A lot can change in your shared lifetimes, but a safely worn and kept wedding ring would stay the exact same as the day you first exchanged vows. These are essentially a lifetime deal, which is why sacrificing them might prove a mistake later on. Remember: your wedding may turn out to be a grand affair where you get enough candid photos to make for good stories afterwards, but these moments would still be memories. Diamond rings, on the other hand, would be solid vestiges of the grand time you had getting hitched.
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    Every wedding has a special moment for the rings alone: Any happy and fun event needs highlights. With weddings, you have the vows, the cake, the first dance, and the rings. These are glorious moments where the couple gets to feel special amid the people they care most about. When you forego the option of getting wedding rings, you automatically give up one such moment.

  • A lot of guests ask to see the wedding rings: Unlike the wedding dress, which is easily visible to anyone who looks at the bride, the wedding rings need to be sought out to fully witness. Most rings are too small to be shown to all attendees at the same time, and many even come back later in the day for a peek and a quick chat. After the ceremony, there are bound to be guests who approach the bride and ask to see the couple’s rings; you could bet money on it and this would hardly be a gamble. Telling people you decided not to buy wedding rings though, could make you come across as ‘crazy’. Many would simply nod but not understand, while others might openly remark on it, based on how many drinks they have had until then.
  • The bride’s wedding ring symbolizes a shift from engagement to commitment: A wedding ring worn next to an engagement ring speaks of a woman’s journey up to and into married life. The engagement ring by itself may have been cause for celebration at one point, but it still only says ‘engaged but not married.’ The wedding ring completes the message, and brings you the chance to pick out a matching bridal set.
  • A simple wedding ring can complement a dapper gent: Men generally prefer simple jewelry, and for the most part this works best. For a man getting married, a look combining a wedding ring with a stylish watch and well-made cufflinks could turn his attire more elegant.

In conclusion, it is wholly up to you and your partner whether to get wedding rings. It can work well either way, provided you are prepared to accept how the things mentioned above would likely play out. Let your wedding planner know when you decide, so that they can bring in nifty changes to suit your choice.

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