Pros and Cons of Having a Bridesmaid for your Wedding Party

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Having a bridesmaid for the wedding is a tradition that is being followed since as long as anyone can remember. However, not all brides nowadays prefer having a bridesmaid, due to many reasons. Having one or not having one has its own pros and cons too; given below are few notable ones.

Pros of Having a Bridesmaid

Honor the Ones Closest to you

The wedding day is the best day to honor your closest friends. Selecting them as bridesmaids will really bring you as well as them an immense pleasure. When only a few of them are selected, the selected ones may definitely feel honored and happy, and this will be a good tribute to your close friends. It also symbolizes that they have helped you through your tough times and made you the better person you are today.

Extra Emotional Support

When you are all nervous during your wedding day, it would be such a comfort when you have your close friends or family members by your side. The more the number of bridesmaids is, the more relaxed and happy you can feel. Right from getting ready for the wedding ceremony to the end of the wedding party, bridesmaids are sure to make you feel calm and comfortable.

More Helping Hands

You might get exhausted if you handle your wedding party all by yourself. This is exactly when your all-dedicated bridesmaids come really helpful. Of course, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Your bridesmaids will take care of everything – the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the wedding dance, and whatnot. That is sure to help in reducing your stress.

Cons of Having a Bridesmaid


Having a bridesmaid is essential, but you need to be specific on how many you really want. Maybe you would like to invite a dozen bridesmaids; however, keep in mind that your expenses will increase with that. Though the bridesmaids might pay for their own attire, you will have to take care of additional costs like a bridesmaid gift, flower bouquet, makeup, and hairdo.

Chances of Conflicts

If you have too many bridesmaids for your wedding, chances are that they would end up with conflict. Maybe you selected the best girl squad in your viewpoint, but there is a high possibility that your bridesmaids do not know each another that well. Say, if two or three of them wanted to plan the venue décor where the wedding ceremony is going to happen, and do not want to work in tandem, things can get quite chaotic and messy.

Hurting the Feelings

This is obvious; choosing the bridesmaids will be a difficult thing. You may have best friends from college and friends at work. When you select a particular group, the others who thought they were close to you will get hurt in the process. This can create an emotional distress, not only for them but also for you, in turn, ruining the best day of your life.

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