Non-Cake Dessert Ideas for Weddings

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Wedding traditions somehow always find a way to persist through the ages. This includes numerous activities, but many find them to be monotonous and bland, if not outright boring. Thankfully, these days can choose to forge your own path and find innovative ways to celebrate a wedding. One sizeable step towards that involves substituting your wedding cake with something even more awesome. Unique desserts are all the rage these days, and the following ideas should help push you towards an option that works wonderfully.

Milk and Cookies

A combination of cookies and milk is something so plain and yet impressive, that most of your guests would adore it. The cookies would fill their desire for sweet while the milk helps them stay pumped throughout the event.

Ice Cream Sundaes

In warm weather, your venue could grow hot as the night moved on. Plan for that and offer your guests something to cool them down. Bring in ice cream sundaes and let everyone have their fill. You can even set up a separate sundae bar so that people can design their own sundaes by picking their own preferred ingredients.


Few things can match the awesomeness of a delicious macaron. Give thought to choosing a stacked macaron ‘cake’ for your wedding night. This would serve the dual purpose of a providing both dessert and décor.


Dessert pastries are perfect for exciting all your taste buds. These are also preferred by most people, and would be loved by your guests as well. You can include croissants or cannolis, which would add more specialties to your dessert.


Surprise your guests with a block of cheesecake. Enthrall every attendee by combining that with meat and crackers. This is one break from normal that even older family members could enjoy.


If you have bored of eating cheese on a ton of occasions already, try fitting in a crust and some sauce, and create a pizza pie. Guests would surely love a try of something like this.

Concession Snacks

Throw in snacks like peanuts, fries, hot-dogs, candy bars and more to entertain your guests. Chances are your snack table will be crowded by guests who keep coming back for more.

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