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Wedding Guests Makeup

A wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions in the life of every person, be it the couple of honor or the guests. However, it will be really easy for the bride and the groom to decide on things since there are certain norms that every couple follows on their wedding day. In the case of guests, it will be a bit hard for them to decide on things like their outfit, makeup, hairdo, etc. Out of these, the makeup will be one of the main challenges that a guest may face, especially women.

There will be hardly any guest, who does not want to look good on a wedding day. However, it is not a good choice to flaunt a bold eye makeup and lip color to a wedding, since it will look as if you are trying to steal the thunder of the bride. In case you are struggling with a perfect look to pair with your beautiful outfit, below are three outstanding makeup ideas that you may consider to slay the day.

Peach Pout

What if you cannot go all bold or vamp it up with bright lip colors or eye makeup; just kill the look by choosing a soft pink lip color. Note that a peach pout is one of the best makeup ideas that are all in vogue these days. In case you want to give a plumped appeal to your lips, apply some shimmer over it. Otherwise, draw a fine outline using a darker shade in order to define your pink lips well. Finish the look by applying some soft pink blush and smokey eyes.

Low-Profile Eye Makeup

There will be hardly any woman who does not love the winged eye look. However, your friend’s wedding is not the right place to show off your eye makeup skills. Instead, try to keep it simple so that you do not outshine the bride. In fact, it is ideal to go for a low-profile eye makeup. For this, just smudge your eyeliner into your eyelids and then use an eye pencil to define your eyes. Furthermore, nail the look by pairing it perfect lip color, mascara, blush, and foundation.

Bronzed Beauty

Even though a harsh contour will be one of the perfect makeup ideas in order to get the killer look, it will not be appropriate for every single occasion. In fact, it is better to keep your highlighter palette aside in case of a wedding day function. Rather, show off your skills in using a bronzer in order to perfectly sculpt your face. This way, you will be able to rock in a sun-kissed skin even if the wedding is in the rainy season or during the fall season. It is recommended not to overdo your bronzer though; otherwise, your skin may appear orange or over- tanned.

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