Factors to Consider When Choosing Pink Gold Rings

Pink Gold Engagement Ring
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Brides crave for unique wedding bands, and rightly so. In addition to being a token of love, a wedding ring also has to be one that suits your personal style. Pink gold bands are definitely interesting and unusual, but are these rings the right option for you? Here is what you have to know about pink gold in bridal jewelry.

Rose gold is striking and the perfect option if you are seeking wedding bands that reflect your personality. It may not be a traditional item such as yellow gold, but it surely is a style staple.

Reasons to Choose Rose Gold Rings

Rose Gold Come in Different Hues

It is made by combining yellow colored gold with copper. The more copper it contains, the redder it will be. If the ring has a higher karat gold, then this means that the rose metal will have a lighter shade. Changing the balance can make the ring look light or richer in color, so you can select the shade you like the most.

It is Budget-Friendly

Lower karat gold alloys are relative more rose in color, so it makes rose gold more affordable without skimping on the beauty aspect. This has one more bonus: it makes the rose metal more durable.

It Works with Various Styles

Whether your bridal fashion is classic or something more modern, gold complements it. The rose metal can be stunning when made into a classic diamond engagement ring or on one with a contemporary design. A pink gold engagement ring also suits men, creating a new and fashionable appeal. The combination of sparkly diamonds and rose gold is something special. Rose gold makes the sparkly stones appear warm and bright in relation to its rosy shade. In addition, rose gold works to complement non-white colored stones exceedingly well.

Relative Reasons to Skip Pink Gold Rings

They Can Cause Allergies

These rings are made up of a combination of gold and another metal, so they can cause allergic reactions or skin sensitivity. Find out which metals you are allergic to, and always ask jewelers about the alternative metals used in rose gold rings.

Rose Gold Does Not Complement Each and Every Skin Tone

Rose gold will make wearers with warm undertones look radiant. In contrast to rose gold, a cooler tone often looks better in silver and platinum. To find your undertone, hold a white towel against your make-up free face. If your skin appears yellow or peach, your undertone is warm; if the skin looks blue or pink, it is cool.

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