Dress Codes That Match Different Types of Wedding

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One of the immutable aspects surrounding most weddings is the dress code. It can be overwhelming for a person shopping for the right clothes, because there are so many options available. Finding the perfect one can be really challenging. Often, it’s less important to figure out what to wear than what not to.

The main thing you must take care of while choosing a dress is your comfort; you can never enjoy a function or pull off a look charmingly unless you are comfortable. To help you with that, below are some of the best nuptial dress codes that you can consider.

White Tie

White tie dress codes are the easiest options when it comes to formal functions such as weddings, stately dinners, royal balls, etc. It is to be noted that there is a specific code which you must follow after you receive a white tie invitation. For men, it is a white bow tie, white pique vest, a tuxedo jacket with tails, and gloves. Women can go all creative with formals, or choose gowns with old Hollywood inspired designs, formal red carpet designs, etc; just make sure to keep it subtle.

Black Tie

Black tie events are traditionally conducted during late evening or night, and this will be mentioned in the invitation cards as well. While it is appropriate to wear a formal dress for black tie events, you can up the appeal with long and luxurious designs. Nowadays, people usually request a short dress with the detailing comprising of sequins, stones, etc., at their wedding functions. Otherwise, it is ideal to stick to a long dress. For men, a tuxedo with a black bow tie would be perfect.

Beach Trends

Hardly anyone is unexcited by the prospect of conducting a beach wedding. In fact, a huge majority of people are now getting married on beaches. Here, there is no exact dress code, and you can dress up at your best while keeping the sand in mind. Make sure to choose apparel that is comfortable, so that you can dance untroubled when the music comes on. In this case, a flat statement sandal and a sundress or tee-length dress would be a great option for women. A linen summer suit would be the way to go for gents. Wearing a tie is optional, unless requested.

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