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Best Wedding Theme

The wedding day is one of the most beautiful and important days in the lives of any couple. To make it one worth remembering, it’s important to organize the function in a way as to ensure everyone has a great time.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by conducting a theme wedding to celebrate the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your soulmate. Fortunately, there are many event management companies that conduct themed weddings. You can either rely on one of these, or choose any a theme and organize it yourself. Some of the best theme ideas that you may consider for a wedding are given below.


Who doesn’t love marking the beginning of a beautiful relationship with an exotic Mother Nature or greenery theme? For this, decorate the venue with a number of green plants and colorful blooms. On a related note, make sure not to overdo it with flowers; the color of the blooms must complement the greenery. For instance, consider white lavenders or tulips, which are among the ideal choices. Furthermore, boost up the overall ambiance of the venue using warm lighting.

Consider wooden furniture of different shapes and tones for seating as well. Apart from this, dress appropriately for a greenery themed wedding bash. For ladies, gowns with white or pastel shades and minimal or nature-friendly jewelry would be a great option. Flaunting monochrome attire would be ideal for men.

Barn Theme

Nowadays, people are flocking towards vintage wedding ideas, but with a fresh twist. Barn weddings are one of the vintage-inspired wedding themes you may consider. To spruce up a barn wedding, choose antique furniture pieces to dine or sit on. Additionally, use decors like mirrors, vintage curtains, canopies, etc.

With attire, make it as hip as you can. It is recommended to avoid diamonds, luxurious dresses, etc. A grey suit or jacket along with suspenders is best for men. Women can wear short or maxi dresses, along with statement medium heel sandals.

Boho Theme

A boho theme is ideal for couples who prefer something unusual for their big day. The main advantage of considering a boho wedding is that everything does not need to be organized in a complementing way, unlike in other wedding themes. You can literally use any kind of decors or dress code. However, make sure that all the mismatched items offer a pleasing appeal when they come together.

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