An Ultimate Guide to Wedding Guest Etiquette

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Wedding Guest Etiquette

There would hardly be an adult who has never attended a wedding. For this reason, most people have a basic idea about the etiquette they must follow when they show up at a ceremony. However, wedding trends are changing each day, and that has been significantly influencing guest etiquette.

One of the main things you must remember is that it isn’t your day, but the couple’s. This means you must dress and carry yourself in such a way that you don’t outshine them. Furthermore, dress according to the wedding theme, even if you don’t like it that much. For instance, you can’t show up wearing a short skirt, high heels, and heavy makeup for a traditional wedding. Apart from that, there are many important things which a guest must consider at a wedding.

Be Thoughtful in Dress Choice

When going to a wedding, dress up in such a way that it does not steal the limelight from the bride and groom. For instance, one of the main rules a guest must consider is a no-white policy for weddings, unless requested specifically. That is, you cannot go in flaunting a white dress, as this is the day for the bride to shine in white. Choose a sophisticated black dress that offers an elegant and fun appeal.


Most people, especially friends, love photobombing the beautiful pictures of wedding couples. Fun aside, it’s not cool because the couple may only get a few hours to capture the memories of their beautiful day. Do not get in the way of a photographer when he is capturing some of these magical moments. Moreover, professional wedding photography is really expensive, so don’t waste their money by simply steering into images for the fun of it. Additionally, do not post a photo of the couple that you think is beautiful on social media. Let them choose the first wedding photo they want to share with others.

Don’t be a Wedding Crasher

You cannot bring a friend or partner to a wedding without a plus-one invite. Usually, people bring their kids assuming that they too are invited. Some couples may plan it as an adult-only affair, so know what you’re heading into. Furthermore, do not be late for a wedding unless you are the bride, as she is the only one who can justifiably make a late and grand entry.

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